Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
The game's main menu
This is Sphinx's buddy, the cursed mummy. This shot comes from the 'making of the game bonus video
The game starts with an animated sequence that sets the story. This cannot be skipped. Two young warriors have been chosen by the high priest for a dangerous task
The task these two young warriors have been set is to retrieve the Sword of Osiris from the evil Castle of Uruk
The game starts off with what amounts to a tutorial of the basic controls
Our feathered fellow warrior is not much help, guess this is why Sphinx gets to buddy up with a mummy and not an oversized budgie
Sphinx can carry big rocks and throw them quite a distance
An imaginative puzzle - to get round an obstacle we must first be swallowed
Here Sphinx has been swallowed by his new friend and now the player must target the appropriate ledge
There are the usual running, jumping obstacles that involve moving rocks and lava. I hate them but they look pretty
Even the plants are hostile. The making of Sphinx movie that's on the disc as a bonus says there are over two hundred creatures in this game
The inventory and monster reference section