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Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

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Game Gear
SEGA Master System

User Reviews

Poor Spidey, What Did They Do To Ya? NES ETJB (447)
An inferior port of an above average NES game. SEGA Master System Magus_X (104)
A decent NES Spider-Man NES Magus_X (104)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Game Gear 3 3.6
NES 10 2.6
SEGA Master System 4 3.2
Combined MobyScore 17 3.0

The Press Says

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All in all though, good, quality action which lives up to the hype - just let down by a few minor faults.
NESGamePro (US)
Spider-Man: The Return of the Sinister Six is a well-crafted, entertaining action cart worth taking for a swing. Responsive controls, an impressive variety of moves, and detailed graphics allow you to experience superheroin' firsthand. 'Nuff said!
Game GearPower Unlimited
Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six geeft je een hoop mogelijkheden om je voort te bewegen. Dat is natuurlijk mooi, al is het jammer dat de actie vaak zo hevig wordt dat je niet meer weet wat er aan de hand is. Al met al een prima platformspel.
NESNintendo Magazine System UK
A game which truly defines the phrase "not bad". However, it's not great either, and is baisicly recommended to diehard Spideymaniacs only, really.
NESThe Video Game Critic
The worst part of Sinister Six is definitely the controls. The whole web-slinging mechanism is so confusing and frustrating that you'll want to avoid using it whenever possible. The collision detection is terribly sloppy, making it hard to kick or punch an enemy without "overlapping" him. Spiderman Return of the Sinister Six isn't a total loss though. The music is okay, and the gameplay is fairly easy and straightforward. But compared to most other Spiderman titles I've played, this one is far from impressive.