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Spider-Man: The Movie

Spider-Man: The Movie Screenshots

GameCube version

The opening sequence
Title screen
Beginning a new game (Your not quite Spider Man yet!)
Spidey swinging around the city
Battle at a subway station
Web up bad guys during fights
Watch out for bombs in Vulture's layer
Chase Vulture throughout the city
Watch out for Shocker's blasts!
Scorpian during one of the cut scenes before a level
Fighting with Scorpian
Spidey and Mary Jane
Green Goblin!
Watch out for the Green Goblin
One of the training obstacle courses
Unlock bonus games, including pinhead bowling!

Spider-Man: The Movie Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Uncanny valley Peter Parker CG model
Peter doesn't start the game with a proper Spider-Man suit
Tracking a helicopter
Save game screen tells you the name of the next level, not the one you just beat.
You have to find combos to be able to use them, making exploration VITAL to managing the game's difficulty
Creeping along the roof of the warehouse
Battling punks in the warehouse
Fighting street punks with explosive barrels.
CG William Dafoe
Treyarch snuck in plenty of self references throughout the city
Photo session interrupted but Osborne's drones
Taking on random rogue flying robot things
Tracking Shocker to the station
Shocker escaping through the sewers
Spidy sense tingling? Should probably get off the train tracks.
Shocker flails about during the battle
Scaling the walls of Vulture's bird layer
Delivering a much needed face punch to Vulture
Dodging Vulture's aerial attacks in the rain
Returning to the station to fight Scorpion. They just started repairing it from Shocker.
Goblin finally appears
Goblin assaults the parade
Jumping on Green Goblin's back to deliver a wallopin'
The unfortunate result of swinging into one of Green Goblin's bombs
Breaking into Oscorp
Hacking the computers of Oscorp
A conveniently detailed blueprint of a large robot in the background. I wonder if that could be foreshadowing something?
Shutting down the machine
Zipping through the lasers
Mission Impossible
Oh, that giant robot looks familiar
Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane
Showdown with Goblin on the bridge!
Nothing hotter than a make out session with an anonymous costumed dude over the corpse of your friend's dad!
Training mode as Peter Parker
The posters on the walls of Peter's room appear again in the bowling alley
Replaying the first mission in the unlockable Alex Ross Spider-Man costume

Spider-Man: The Movie Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Peter Parker is ready to avenge death of his uncle.
You must eliminate members of a gang to proceed.
Red spider symbols replenishes your energy.
Swinging on the web.