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Terrible Game - the only reason to get this game is if you're tired of beating every game you buy cause they're so easy SNES darthsith19 (70)
A Excellent Idea, With Less-Then-Excellent Implementation Genesis ETJB (450)

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Genesis 10 3.0
SNES 19 2.6
Combined User Score 29 2.7

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SNESGameFan Magazine (Oct, 1992)
I really like the way X-Men is layed out. The characters are small and well animated making the levels seem huge and cavernous, and the gameplay is right on. I also like controlling four different characters in one game. Another excellent SNES title with outstanding music.
Game GearMean Machines (Sep, 1994)
The best comic licence for ages, a cracking conversion and an A-grade Game Gear title.
A very challenging game indeed, marred only by the lack of continues or a password system. Otherwise, highly recommended even if you don't like Marvel Comics.
80 (Feb 15, 2010)
Overall, Spider-Man and X-Men is a fun experience. It is by no means an easy game and takes many replays to complete. However, for anyone seeking a challenge this will be a treat. Don't let the poor graphics turn you off. As soon as you hear the music and start playing you'll forget all about that and lose yourself in a polished, highly enjoyable gaming experience.
Play it mad, DJ. Spidey and his mutant pals are caught inside your Game Gear and you have to help them. Use Storm, Cyclops, Gambit and Wolverine to get through the various levels. Tough and fun; if you're looking for a hot hero game, this is it.
GenesisMean Machines (Nov, 1993)
This is a pretty decent platform game, but it's a conversion of a year-old Super NES game and there are better examples of the genre available. It's not a great licensed conversion and certainly not worth the asking price.
SNESPlay Time (Apr, 1993)
Der Sound paßt sich den technischen Vorgaben an, spielt aber ohnehin nur eine untergeordnete Rolle. Die einzelnen Rätsel oder besser Aufgabenstellungen sind nicht unlösbar. Man merkt hier deutlich, daß es sich um eine junge Zielgruppe handelt, die Acclaim mit “Spider-Man X-Men“ anzusprechen versucht. Alles in allem jedoch ein Muß für alle Marvel-Fans.
SNESN-Force (Feb, 1993)
However. as it stands, I can't help feeling there's a bit of a gap in the gameplay department.
Game GearGame Players (Jun, 1994)
In addition, the only information to which you always have access is your score. Meanwhile, your number of extra men only occasionally pops up, while your energy bar appears only after you've been hit. By then, as any gamer knows, it's just a wee bit to late to make the fight-or-run-in-fear decision.
LJN has developed one mighty fine game!
SNESVideo Games (Sep, 1992)
Laut dröhnend überzeugte bei Acclaims Comic-Adaption der Sound spontan. Musikus Tim Follin lieferte mit seinen brillanten Kompositionen auch das erinnerungswürdigste Element des Spiels. Leider weniger überzeugen kann die Grafik, wenn auch in einigen Levels Ansätze von Begeisterung aufkommen. Das ganze Spiel besteht aus einer Aneinanderreihung von mehr oder weniger gut gelungenen Action-Jump‘n‘Run-Sequenzen, die in ihrer Originalität von den Fähigkeiten des jeweiligen Superhelden abhängen. Sporadisch kommt gutes Spielgefühl auf - meist nervt aber der knackige Schwierigkeitsgrad und konfuser Levelaufbau, Sei‘s drum, Spiderman & Co. feiern mit diesem Spiel einen soliden Einstand auf dem Super Nintendo.
Game GearElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jun, 1994)
Allowing you to play as several superheroes is a big plus with this one. The levels are huge, but the game is a little on the difficult side. This one will take several plays before mastering all the characters' moves.
Game BoyGamePro (US) (May, 1994)
You'd have to be a devoted Spider-fan to love this game.
Game GearGamePro (US) (Jun, 1994)
The game itself isn't all that challenging, what's challenging is finding a reason to replay the early levels over and over again while you try to survive to the end.
Nachdem Spidey die X-Men im Inneren von Arcades (das ist der böse Wicht) Festung befreit hat, werden sie - wie auch immer - in fünf völlig separate Szenarien versetzt, von denen keines so richtig Gameplay auf kommen läßt. Schade, daß das Spiel hieran scheitert, denn Grafik (ordentlich) und Sound (Spitzenklasse, von den Follins, die schon auf Computern so gut wie alles hinter sich gelassen haben!) gehen absolut in Ordnung. Nun ja, jeder findet irgendwo sein Waterloo.
GenesisGame Players (Nov, 1993)
A terrific concept turns into a not-too-god game. When three X-Men disappear, Spidey and the crew try to spoil the plot. Too hard to continue, and you must repeat the first boring level too often.
GenesisSega Force (Jan, 1994)
Gillar man Spindeln och X-men kanske man kan stå ut med de fel och brister detta spel har. Men av samma anledning kanske man inte pallar det!
Game BoyVideo Games (May, 1994)
Leider konnte mich die Grafik nicht so recht überzeugen. Auch die Steuerung reagiert schwammig und träge, was die Motivation schnell auf den Nullpunkt sinken läßt. Sehr sporadisch kommt gutes Spielgefühl auf - meist nervt aber der hoch angesiedelte Schwierigkeitsgrad und der konfuse Levelaufbau.
SNESHigh Score (Nov, 1993)
Grafiken i spelet är långtråkig. Ljudet är inte så mycket bättre det. Musiken är enformig. Det finns egentligen bara en sak att säga om detta spel: gäsp.
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Mar 05, 2001)
Spiderman must disarm the bombs in a certain order. This is annoying and tedious, but get used to it, because you'll have to replay this stage every time you put in the game! That's right, the selectable levels (featuring X-Men characters) aren't available until after you complete the first stage! Subsequent stages are diverse but bizarre. Gambit battles giant chess pieces while avoiding a huge rolling balls. Storm swims through her stages, and Wolverine battles giant toys in a fun house. I couldn't tell if I was playing X-Men or Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion! The X-Men characters are a little easier to control than Spiderman, but the gameplay is just so-so, and the game is in dire need of a password feature.