Spider-Man Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Nondescript hallway
The Oracle
Lizard man
Enter Sandman
Spider strength
Royally shafted
Natural habitat
How to confuse the Ringmaster?
Plans awash
I am flying!
Don't bother my flight...
Upside down
Upscale flat
Who's that guy?
Stairway to....

Browser version

Starting location
Dead already?

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Start of your quest.
On the ceiling.
In a Computer lab.
In a Penthouse.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Begin the game in this hallway
Visiting Madame Web...
I'm on the ceiling exploring this office building
I found a laboratory
Hmm, Hydroman looks frozen
Spidey on the side of a skyscraper

DOS version

opening title screen
Learn your objective
credits and questprobe series number
uh oh!

Electron version

Loading Screen

ZX Spectrum version

The game takes a short while to load. After the usual copyright information it displays this pretty screen
Saying No takes the player straight into the game
Very quickly Spider Man starts encountering enemies
So many ways to die. Here Spider Man picked up the wrong object