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Apple II
Commodore 64
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    A single spider droid remains in an electronic jungle teeming with robotic insects.

    A nearby citadel is minutes away from blasting a radioactive repellant into the jungle. And the native insects are getting restless...

    The spider droid must transform into a hyper-mobile Spiderbot, scutter into the citadel and raid the destructive power source -- "webbing" and caging insect traitors along the way. Only then will the jungle be safe from extermination.

    And it was just going to be another day catching robotic flies...

    • Yesterday the robotic ray was your friend; today you don't know who your friends are...

    • Fire your web to catch killer bugs. Then brainwash your hostages into changing sides.

    • Once caught, the Big Borer can be put to use gnawing passageways to the citadel.

    • Location your exoskeleton and become Spiderbot. Then climb upwards, shooting radioactive webs. But don't hang out on the ceiling too long...

    Contributed by Trixter (8711) on Dec 16, 1999.