The Spiderwick Chronicles Credits

Paramount Pictures

Sr. Vice President, InteractiveSandi Isaacs
Vice President, Interactive ProductionHarry Lang
Manager, InteractiveDaniel Felts
Special ThanksKathleen Kennedy, Tom Peitzman, Tippett Studio, Industrial Light & Magic

Backbone Entertainment

ProducerStephanie Peczon
Associate ProducerCatherine Dinh
Lead EngineerCathryn Mataga
EngineerYuji Yoshiie
Lead DesignerEric C. Heitman
Level DesignerJose Gonzalez
Art LeadRonnie Fike
Environment ArtistsConrad Seto, Sach Steffel, David Marino, Kevin James
Senior AnimatorKeith Erickson
AnimatorGerald Broas
UI ArtistJulia Lundman Midlock
Portrait ArtistWoody O'Shaughnessy
Lead Sound DesignRobert Thomure
Additional MusicRobert Thomure
Additional Sound DesignRobert Baffy
Special Thanks to Brad Carlton, Karen Murphy, Sara Guinness
Studio Head, BBEMichael Mika Sr.
Technical Director, BBEDavid R. Sullivan
Creative Director, BBEMicah Russo
Art Director, BBENorman Badillo
Senior Producer, BBELiz Stuart
Chief Executive Officer, F9EJon Goldman
Chief Operating Officer, F9EDavid Mann
Chief Creative Officer, F9ERichard Hare
Executive Vice President, Strategic Projects, F9EDouglas Hare
Chief Financial OfficerSteven L. Sardegna
Senior Vice President, Studio Coordination, F9EDan Duncalf
Director of Business DevelopmentChris Charla
Manager of Business DevelopmentSteven Kovensky
Business Development AnalystDavid Chen
Director of PRNicole Tanner
Director of MarketingNicole Tanner
PR CoordinatorSandra Lew
Marketing CoordinatorSandra Lew
Special ThanksStormfront Studios Inc.

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