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Arcade version

Title Screen.
Mary is kidnapped.
Stage 1.
At the airport.
Kill him.
In the hangar.
Bigger guys to fight.
Remove his barrel.
On the plane.
Flying kick.
Destroy the plane.
Done it.
Stage 1 Clear!
In the desert.
Crabs all around.
Big Beetle.
Rail Cars.
Zooming downhill.
Kill the bats.
Hurry up.
Mummies attacking.
Jump up the platforms.
End of stage bosses.
Keep going.
In a castle.
Getting hectic.

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Difficulty select screen
Stage 1: Airport
Using a super-attack
Charging your weapon has different effects, depending on your current weapon. In this case, it's a "clone" of your character.
The first boss
Stage 2 - fighting a lot of scorpions
Fighting a giant beetle in the quicksand
Riding a mine cart
In a pyramid
Homing missiles
Boss Nr. 2
Stage 3: Chinese Wall
Another super-attack
On a river
Watch out for the waves
Boss-fight: Dragon
Stage 4
One of the few "real" platform-sequences
In a cave
The 4th boss, divided into numerous smaller versions of himself
In the last stage fighting lots of soldiers
The soldiers are the most resilient enemies
On your way to the last boss ...
Indiana Jones style

Zeebo version

Title screen.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
Starting the game at Madrid Airport.
Inside those chests you'll find new weapons and bombs.
Using the fire bomb attack against the first boss.
Stage clear.
Stage 2 takes place in Egypt.
While fighting this giant scarab the player must avoid falling into the quicksand.
Mining cart stages were really popular in the 90s, it seems.
Things will get busy inside the pyramid.
Using the yo-yo bomb attack against the second boss.
After beating each stage a still image will appear with some dialogue.
Stage 3 takes place at The Great Wall of China. Johnny is using shurikens against his enemies.
The next section will take place at a river. Those splashes must be avoided.
The third boss is a Chinese dragon.
After each level the player gets one more piece of the map.
Level 4 takes place at the Amazon forest. Here I'm using the star bomb attack.
More dangers await in the forest after you leave the Amazon river.
The last portion of this stage takes place at a cavern. This slope is one of the few portions where you'll find food to replenish your health.
Using the bomb attack against the fourth boss.
The splash screen for Stage 5-1.
Using the glove bomb attack in ancient Rome.
Using the ice bomb attack in the underground ruins.
You must be careful when jumping here in order to avoid touching those spikes.
In this elevator sequence, choosing different sides to stay means facing traps or enemies.
The last boss room.

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