Mini-Missions for Survival ModeContributed by ResidentHazard (3567) on Jan 01, 2011.

The Survival Mode in Splatterhouse features ten "Mini-Missions" that players may work toward. Getting all of them in one Suvival mission nets an Achievement. They are:

1. Survive 60 seconds without taking damage.

2. Survive 120 seconds without taking damage.

3. Kill 10 enemies with any body part as a weapon.

4. Kill 25 enemies with any body part as a weapon.

5. Stomp 20 Boreworms.

6. Stomp 50 Boreworms.

7. Perform 5 Splatterkills.

8. Perform 20 Splatterkills.

9. Kill 25 enemies in Berserk mode.

10. Kill 50 enemies in Berserk mode.

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