SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie Screenshots

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Xbox version

Title screen
Collect dumbbells of assorted colors to level up your stats.
Krabby Patties give you extra health.
Er, don't touch the jellies.
For some reason, boxes allow you to teleport from place to place.
SpongeBob can wall-jump from wall to wall.
Completing bigger tasks will earn you Goofy Goober tokens, used to unlock more levels.
Plankton gets really excited about discovering Plan Z.
These Goober drones have held SpongeBob captive.
As drunken Patrick, go off and rescue SpongeBob.
Mindy here will provide you with power ups and patch up plot holes.
More jellies, watch out!
Kids love to smash things, and this game obliges.
Mmm, electric cookies...
Exploring the gigantic fridge.
Some pretty damning evidence, there.
Drive the Patty Wagon to go and retrieve King Neptune's crown!
Getting a bit dark in here...
Oh, I love it when that happens.
With Patrick and SpongeBob gone, no-one can stop Plankton activating his mind-control helmets.
Smash more stuff, you know you want to!
Press Y to jump up and hit that switch.
Performing a spin attack, just like Crash Bandicoot.
Uppercut these flying enemies underneath to hurt them.
I love these skewed perspective jumps!
Taking care of more enemies.
Press A to dive down with your undies and hit the targets.
Bathtub race, hooray!
Hitting the targets will destroy Plankton's mind control towers.
Sliding along inside a cave.