Sports-A-Roni Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Entering our name
Selecting our country
Sack race
Pile of plates

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Title screen (US version)
This is the screen where you enter your name. Press return to set to computer.
Choose your country.
Choose which event or how many you will play.
Select your opponent.
Starting the sack race.
And they're off!
The Pile Of Plates
The Pile Of Plates - Made it to the finish line, but I lost some plates along the way!
Boot Throwing
Boot Throwing - This is how far I tossed the boot.
Boot Throwing Results.
River Jump - running
River Jump - That didn't go as planned!
Pole Climbing
Run Up The Wall
Run Up The Wall - Crashed into the wall!
Pillow Fight
Pillow Fight - Knocked the computer opponent into the water!
Pogo Stick - You must reach and pop all the balloons.

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen
Setup : Player 2 - control selection. I want to play on my own but I'm forced to do this because some games are two playerThe game then compares the scores for the sack race
Setup : What do a gramophone, a parrot, and a box have in common? Well they all appear on what is possibly the most confusing menu screen ever
Setup : All players must have a country. When selected the parrot gets the record from the box and plays the appropriate anthem.
Setup : After setting up the players it's time to select the games. This is the menu. Use the up/down keys to adjust the channel selector, bottom right
Setup : Games are selected by adjusting the channel selector in the lower right. 1 - 8 games can be selected. animations play on each selected TV screen
At the end of an event, in this case Wall Climbing, scores for that event are displayed. here are six human players' scores. All pretty poor.
When all selected events are complete the game displays a medal table like this. Here only one event was played, it would mean more if a couple of events had been played in the same session
Sack race : First task is to select who will play who. Here having been forced to enter a second player becomes a pain because they have to race as well.
Sack race : I got fed up of waiting for the music to end,so I started - the game gave me a false start and I went back to racing / waiting again
Sack race : The race is finally underway. Mashing the keyboard to build up speed. The little dog ios a 'humerous' touch, it pulls you forward / back / gets in the way etc
Sack race : Fallen over a manhole. The computer rarely - if ever - has this problem
Sack race : The computer wins ( but I think the race was fixed )
Plate Carrying : The player starts with one plate. Team G.B. have decided to start with 8 plates. The race has just begun. The character has started moving and I just let it run
Plate Carrying : As the character approaches the edge of the screen the background shifts. This is as far as the scenery goes. Now the character walks off screen to complete the race
Plate Carrying : Once the character is off the screen the points for that run are displayed
Plate Carrying : The USA starts with 31 plates. They soon start to wobble. Then they start to fall
Plate Carrying : and they kept on falling. The character cannot move while this is happening, but the clock does stop so there's no double penalty of dropping plates and extra time.
Boot Throwing : Full Boot selected. The default is 'Empty Boot'
Boot Throwing : Using left/right keys I build up speed. Timing is very important here. The power bar in the lower right shows how I'm doing
Boot Throwing : Try for too long to get to max power and you'll tire
Boot Throwing : Attempt 2,plenty of power but the boot's going the wrong way
Boot Throwing : Get it right and the boot will fly, success on the final attempt at 7.5m
Boot Throwing : USA throw - I liked the sock coming out of the boot on landing, occasionally it's a small animal that waves.
River Jump : A pole vault must have been planned because that's what this game is called at the top of the screen
River Jump : Do not lower your pole too soon because your character tires faster and falls down
River Jump : The character automatically plunges their pole into the water
River Jump : But if you don't let go fast enough you slide down the pole into the water
Pole climb : selection of opponents. During the game the king in the background waves from time to time and the raven flies across the screen.
Pole Climb : Rocky has moved up a bit, but now he's slipped back down and he's fallen off.
Pole Climb : thirty minutes play and this is as high as I managed to get!. Time up, game over, I give up
Run up the wall : Start for player 1 The black blob in front of me is two parrots. Speed is built by repeatedly pressing the UP key. The power bar, lower right, shows how well I'm doing
Run up the wall : Chase them too far and you've blown it because they double back and drop the hat behind you. No you cannot move backwards
Run up the wall : Timing the jump is critical or else the character runs into the wall, and ends up like this.
Run up the wall : Timed it right, This is a successful jump! Just have to press the right combination of keys to make the hat stick...
Run up the wall : The hat has stuck to the wall but it does not count. I need to make a clean landing but I'm not that good. It took 90 minutes to get this far!
Pillow Fight : This is the start where all the human players have paired off against each other
Pillow Fight : This is a blow to the near side, you can also strike to the far side and from overhead
Pillow Fight : Here comes an overhead shot
Pillow Fight : After a good combination the opponent wobbles, a good blow now will knock them overboard
Pillow Fight : Yup! they're gone
Pogo : Start for player 1
Pogo : The objective is to burst the balloons. That's the first one gone.
Pogo : Balloon 2 appears to the left of balloon 1, I had to go back a bit to get to it, but try as I might I could not get up onto that wall
Pogo : It's not easy to navigate this 3D landscape and it's easy to get stuck. When your character hits a wall or when you stop mashing buttons, they just sit down and sulk.In the end I gave up too