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Menu -- that hat has just flown right off the page! A Windy Day it is!
A hat floats by, gliding in the wind
Beautiful dappled sun-drenched forest canopy
Pepe starts his day sweeping up outside his tree nook.
Oh, what's this?
Looks like it fits!
Somehow the hat keeps coming off...
That's odd... I'll try to grab it again.
A friendly neighbour seems to have no problems with it!
The pursuit of the elusive hat disrupts other forest denizens
How can you tell that a hat-chasing mouse has just been through here?
Little do they expect what is about to befall them...
The wind picks up...
The wind /literally/ picks up...
And now it is in fact a tornado
Look away from the action for a moment and appreciate that the viewer has also been picked up by the tornado!
Every time the hat is donned, a random piece of debris brains Pepe
And now he sees stars
Buried, that no-good hat won't trouble him any further.
No, no, we were trying to get rid of it!
Buggy Night: setting the scene.
A lovely nocturnal forest vista
I have shone my flashlight on a circle of bugs, who are surprised.
Hm, where do you think they are hiding?
Ah, and what they are hiding from...
A moment's diversion, appreciating the starlit treetops
A cameo appearance from the previous cartoon
And then there was one...
Have we reached a detente?
The most recent (Nov '14) start menu
Duet splash screen
A lot of stories start this way...
A baby!
TWO babies!
Also, a baby dog.
They grow up so fast
Have I seen you before?
Did you know that Glen Keane was the lead animator in Disney's Tarzan? You can kind of see it here.
If the player's focus goes too far astray, this butterfly will lead them back to the stage
We've got to stop meeting like this!
He has hobbies too
But they share a dream...
Was there ever any doubt the story would be ending this way?
But fear not, they haven't left Rover behind...
The end!
Main title of "Help", June 2015.
An alien crawls from the wreckage of a UFO
Fear not, the LAPD are on the scene.
Bystanders flee into a subway station
The subway station proves to be a somewhat inadequate refuge
Hey, buddy, buy a train ticket like the rest of us!
Heeeeeere's ... Johnny!
Is there any more Los Angelesian a shooting location?
That little guy just keeps on swelling!
Look up! Look waaaay up!
Ending on a bright note
And that's a wrap!
New main menu (May 2015)
Every Spotlight Story now gets the movie poster treatment
Also, every Spotlight Story is also graced with a capsule blurb and a full cast & crew listing.