Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title and main menu
Opening story
Opening story title screen
You have arrived at the Greek island
Talking to your contact in the command center using your spy wrist radio
Outside the feta cheese factory
I have rescued Mr. Udderly
Using X-Ray gum to look inside Mr. Udderly
In the command center

Windows version

Intro: there's a world-wide diary crisis!
Intro: and it's all thanks to William the Kid!
Intro: somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea
Intro: now THAT's a TV dinner!
Intro: a picture of Mr. Howard Hugh Heifer Udderly III, the man Spy Fox must seek out.
Intro: heading for the Island of Acidophilus
Game Title
On the Island of Acidophilus
Spy Fox's spy tuxedo has all the gadgets and tools you need!
Spy Fox can unfold his Spy Gadget Stack Pack to retrieve gadgets.
At the Mobile Command Center
This is Monkey Penny, Spy Fox's partner
The Spy Watch: use it to talk to Monkey Penny, Have a little fun, Save, Load or Quit
Mini-Game: Happy Fun Sub
Mini-Game: shoot subs at your enemies!
Save your game.