SPY Fox in Hold the Mustard Screenshots

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Windows version

Mustard gets dissed in favor of ketchup all too often.
This, of course, rubs King Konglomerate the wrong way.
Fed up with how overrated he finds ketchup, he decides he will "utterly destroy it...with an iron fist!"
The main menu.
The player gets a quick view of the M.E.S.S.. No, not mess, M.E.S.S., as in Multiple Environment Spy Ship!... Does this joke sound familiar?
SPY Fox himself pilots the ship.
Entering a name.
Before we can begin the game, we have to train.
The first two are pretty basic, teaching you how to fly through these refueling...things.
Now we have to take on drones.
These stationary enemies occasionally appear, but they're mostly for extra points.
Don't let the enemies go to the bottom -- they'll take tomatoes!
Which of course you can save by shooting the enemies.
Dodging some more enemies.
I picked up a power-up that gives you homing missiles. These can really speed the levels up.
Down below it's very scenic, but also dangerous.
The results screen.
Monkey Penny informs us of the boss in this level.
Holy heck! That's a lot of enemies!
All you gotta do is shoot its weak point...
...and boom goes the boss.
With invincibility, all we gotta do is plow through these enemies.
Once again, attack the weak point.
Monkey Penny now informs us there is trouble at the Mediterranean Farms.
Down below it's very scenic...
...and up above, not so much.
Chasing an air escort to Cairo. In these levels, the enemies already have tomatoes to begin with.
Another boss, with another weak point...
...which will take us directly inside the blimp.
In this segue, King Konglomerate explains his plan on ridding the world of ketchup and laughing at the idea that SPY Fox could stop him.