Spy Fox: "Operation Ozone"

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Humongous Entertainment, I'd say Humongous Disappointment! Windows Andrew Shepard (1226)

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WindowsTech with Kids (Computing with Kids)
As children play this adventure, they will discover that locating the needed ingredients isn't easy -- but that is part of the fun. Finding one ingredient alone may involve as many as eleven different steps and the use of several cool spy gadgets.
SPY Fox: Operation Ozone is rated E for Everyone, which means fun for the whole family. The clever, fun puzzles get kids to think while the humorous story keeps them from realizing that they’re (gasp) learning, too.
WindowsReview Corner
Our 10-year-old tester was ecstatic firing up this program–Spy Fox has been a huge favorite–and he wasn’t disappointed. His solitary gripe with the game remains the same–he finds it a hassle that Spy can carry only a limited number of gadgets at one time. Of course, we adults know this feature only serves to make kids plan ahead, discouraging them from resorting to random trial and error with the gadgets in order to solve problems. Besides, it doesn’t truly detract from the fun. This title drew a crowd of children of all ages around the computer, as Humongous adventures always seem to do. For all its wackiness, a responsible message is tucked into the game, and it even sparked a spontaneous discussion about the importance of the ozone layer among our group of testers!
All operatives enjoyed the mission. Clare thought the puzzles were just right but Emily thought they were a bit easy. Both intend to go on another mission to see if they can find the other ingredients. Clare gave it 8.5 out of 10, and Emily thought it was worth 8. Freya and Roxy want to borrow it in order to finish it themselves.
Spy Fox “Operation Ozone” is good fun, with solid graphical elements, a good audio track, and a nice array of puzzles and side games to keep kids intrigued for hours. While the line of games may be a little formulated, it is a formula that works well, and should give parents – who have seen these games before – the assurance that their children are getting a quality product. If, as a parent with younger kids, you haven’t seen this line, this is a good game to start with. Spy Fox may overcome the obstacles to solve the mystery, but his programs are winners in more ways than one.
WindowsAll Game Guide
For kids who don't mind a challenge, enjoy a good mystery, and possess a fair amount of patience, their diligence will eventually help SPY Fox save the world and defeat Poodles, all while maintaining his sly guy image. If all else fails, the added feature of the game CD doubling as a music CD provides an alternative to just playing the game. The majority of the 11 songs parody James Bond movie theme songs and are quite humorous, though not many kids may recognize the sarcasm.