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Game Over Online (Nov 30, 2005)
Spyro: Shadow Legacy is competent at best as an action game, but that's about all the praise I can give it. Fighting boils down to jamming on one or two buttons and hoping that the enemies get stuck in loops so that you can slam them forever. Don't believe me? Try headbutting a few of the early enemies, rapid-fire style, and see how often you get hit. The AI seems to enjoy falling for simple exploits. The touchscreen magic system is a neat idea, but it's pretty handily felled by the fact that you have to change the lower screen by clicking an icon and then draw the spell. Opening the spell menu also deactivates the menu that gives you access to your restorative items, meaning that if you botch a spell at the wrong time, you might mess around and end up dead.
GameZone (Nov 23, 2005)
Overall, this is a pretty average game. The GBA versions of Spyro are all much better than this game in terms of fun and action. While the game could have been fun as a RPG, there’s just not enough to do to make it very interesting after awhile. However, there’s nothing very bad, either. It’s just a very average game. Young children will probably have a decent amount of fun with it, but tire of it fairly soon. Older kids will probably not be all that impressed.
56 (Nov 16, 2005)
Es gab schon seit einiger Zeit kein Spyro-Game für Handhelds mehr – und angesichts von Shadow Legacy ist das vielleicht auch keine üble Sache. Das Spiel steckt voller guter, aber bestenfalls halbherzig ausgeführter Ideen und es hinterlässt von der ersten Sekunde an den Eindruck, als sei es reichlich übereilt veröffentlicht worden. Das fängt bei der ruckeligen Grafik an, geht über die alberne Touchscreen-Nutzung weiter und hört bei Unfug wie der doppelten Textanzeige lange nicht auf. Die Halbherzigkeit des Spiels erkennt man am auch am Handbuch, dem schlicht die Hälfte der dt. Bedienungsanleitung fehlt – dafür ist die Französische anderthalb Mal drin. Schade um die schöne Optik und die netten Ideen, aber spielerisch ist jedes GBA-Game der Reihe wertvoller – von den PSone- und PS2-Games ganz zu schweigen. Bei denen gab es zwar auch Ausrutscher, aber keine Bauchlandung wie bei Shadow Legacy.
GameSpot (Jan 05, 2006)
You can easily complete Spyro: Shadow Legacy in just a few hours, but you can stretch that to six hours if you take the time to complete each side quest and collect all the dragon eggs. Chances are you won't have any problem breezing through the game, and there's no option to change the difficulty, so you won't have any reason to come back to the game once you're finished. Shadow Legacy is obviously geared toward younger audiences, and for them it might actually provide a few hours of easy entertainment. Everyone else will be disappointed with the simplistic, uninspired gameplay in Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
Ungewohnt ist die Ansicht. Eine Mischung aus der dritten Person und Iso-Perpektive. Ließe sich verschmerzen, wäre da nicht das unerhört langsame Gameplay. Ist man erst bis in die Schattenwelt vorgestoßen, erkennt man den Grund der schlottrigen Technikknie: Hier sind Spielidee und reale Hardwaredaten des DS ohneeinander ins Bett gegangen: Licht- und Schattenwelt konsequent im Speicher zu halten, ist nur unter Einbußen der Spielgeschwindigkeit machbar. Ohnehin vernachlässigt der Titel alle möglichen DS-Features. Ausgebremst, schade. Das geht definitiv besser.
Game Chronicles (Jan 05, 2005)
Spyro: Shadow Legacy is surely a dark day for the Spyro franchise, but I suppose the good news is that it probably couldn’t get any worse. So if and when our beloved purple hero returns to the DS it can only be a better game.
Whether it's the repeated gameplay involved in tedious combat, the lack of any cohesive purpose or storyline, the untimely deaths involved in missed platforms or the unusual lack of depth to gameplay, Spyro Shadow Legacy is a Nintendo DS game that misses the mark by a long shot. The gameplay is unforgiving and remarkably tiresome, so unless you're a diehard fan of the series, I don't particularly recommend playing or buying this. For everyone else, leave the Shadow Realm alone and play something else on your DS.
50 (Dec 06, 2005)
Premier épisode de Spyro sur DS, ce titre se démarque des précédents volets par son approche plus audacieuse sans pour autant rompre avec l'esprit original. L'aventure s'adresse toujours en priorité aux plus jeunes, mais la fadeur de son gameplay rend l'expérience de jeu peu attrayante, et le fait de devoir remplir inlassablement les mêmes types d'objectifs donne envie d'en finir au plus vite. La prochaine sera peut-être la bonne.
Worth Playing (Jan 03, 2006)
It often feels too easy to compare a game like Spyro: Shadow Legacy to similar but more accomplished titles, cataloguing the shortcomings and longing in vain for a more polished experience. In the case of a game as severely challenged as Shadow Legacy, a comparison to Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time seems as just as it does easy. Platforming and role-playing are perfectly complementary genres, as Partners in Time and plenty of others have proven, letting you develop favorite characters as you progress through a novel adventure. In that respect, the lesson of Shadow Legacy is, if you're going to do a bit of genre mixing, reward the player's investment of time and patience by remembering to include the good parts.
40 (UK) (Nov 13, 2005)
Gah. See? As much as I want to write reasonably about the issues, it's all so annoying I get all cross. That's the problem with mediocrity - it's far more frustrating than general crapness. Spyro would score a 5 were it to work properly - smack bang in the middle of middlyness, doing nothing well, and utterly without imagination (for goodness sakes, travelling back and forth between two versions of reality - where did they get that idea from?!). But throw in the bugs and scrabbly programming, and it thankfully falls to 4, and justifies all the angry frustration and horrible analogies about killing baby dogs.
IGN (Oct 27, 2005)
I'm a pretty decent fan of the Spyro series, having endured the cute purple guy on the PSX and the Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DS adventure is an enormous let down, both as a Spyro game and as a Nintendo DS development. Even if the engine was tighter and had all its glitches ironed out the adventure doesn't get creative enough; the idea of the double realms is a good start but it's hardly utilized to its potential. But the horrible production values are Spyro: Shadow Legacy's real killer.
Video Game Talk (Nov 22, 2005)
Why this game had to get made is beyond me. It would have made much more sense to create a new version of Spyro's original Playstation which was actually FUN. Instead we get this half-assed Spyro that nobody will like. Not adults, not kids.