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PlayStation version

Title screen
An important interview with one of the leading dragon politicians ;)
The bad guy, Gnasty (or was it Gnaughty?) Gnarl
Starting the game
Spyro looks at the tower
Spyro sees only icy mountains
Those sexy winged babes are used as saving points. Very creative ;)
Like Mario eats gold, Spyro eats those little red pieces (also green, blue and transparent ones, which cost more)
Spyro casts a flame on an enemy - a usual type of attack
Looking at the beautiful violet mountains on the other side of the river
Those treasure chests can be easily burned with our flame :)
Talking to Marco the Baloonist
A beautiful level called "Dark Hollows" or something like this. Anyway, nice Chinese lamps ;)
Amazing interactivity: you can light this pile of woods with your flame, although it brings you nothing... just gives you more light :)
Standing at the entrance to the "Stone Hill" level
Those rams can get pretty aggressive, so ram them, too ;)
Those chests become realistically read when you try to burn them, but still won't open. probbaly because they are made of metal
Liberating one of the many dragons
Aha, this one can't be opened neither by burning it nor by ramming it... I guess I'll need a key
Ending a level: your treasure bonus
Hmm, there's something hidden on this wall
Gazing at the beautiful sunset on the level "Toasty", together with a nasty magician (or whoever he is), who can beat me with his staff
Is a hidden portal, In this level called Sunny Flight, is a bonus level
Wow, this one looks tough... but it's just a sheep in disguise! No kidding! ;D
Arriving on the level "Peacekeepers". Let's see how they keep the peace here...
What?! Aiming at me with CANONS?! This you call PEACEKEEPERS?!
Level "Cliff Town"
Balloon guy
Locked chest
I see stars... ouch.
Die, cheap Gandalf's clone!