The Spy's Adventures in North America Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen (Double Hi-Res mode)
The map of the various regions to visit (Double Hi-Res mode)
Beginning my search in Boston... (Double Hi-Res mode)
Each screen presents several actions to choose from (Double Hi-Res mode)
Hmm, that's a shady character; what do you want to do? (Double Hi-Res mode)
I've found a clue! (Double Hi-Res mode)
Do you want to ride the river boat? (Double Hi-Res mode)
Visiting the Golden Gate bridge (Double Hi-Res mode)
Check out the dossier on a region (Double Hi-Res mode)
Title screen (Hi-Res mode)
Welcome to New York (Hi-Res mode)
Choose an action, and press Enter to select... (Hi-Res mode)
Each location begins with a brief summary of the area (Hi-Res mode)
Here's a shady character offering to sell a jewel... (Hi-Res mode)
There are many locations to visit (Hi-Res mode)
Want to search in Boston, or go to a new area? (Hi-Res mode)

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Choose your start location
Search in north america
New Orleans

DOS version

Title Screen
Pick a location
Take a peek at what's going on there