The Spy's Adventures in South America Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen (double hi-res mode)
Main menu (double hi-res)
Pick your starting country (double hi-res)
A handy map of the continent (double hi-res)
Exploring the Mayan ruins in Guatemala (double hi-res)
Some facts on the country (double hi-res)
Wheeling and dealing (double hi-res)
A clue at the Panama Canal (double hi-res)
Another trade opportunity in the Colombian wild (double hi-res)
Floating down the Orinoco... (double hi-res)
Talking to parrots... espionage does take its toll on the mind (double hi-res)
Hiking up to Lake Titicaca (double hi-res)
Bolivian marketplace (double hi-res)
Shady Galapagos guy provides some crucial info (double hi-res)
What we've learned so far (double hi-res)
Title screen (standard hi-res mode)
I only wanted to walk like a penguin... (standard hi-res)
Landscape in Chile (standard hi-res)
Uruguay woodlands (standard hi-res)

DOS version

Title screen
Choose your game mode
Where shall we start?
Your travel map
You'd think my agents could have chosen a more convenient spot to place a clue for me
Gauchos being mean
Shall we go for a swim in the Amazon?
Followed that clue and found my first jewel...
Looks like Mr. Shady here wants to trade
Beach party in the Dominican Republic
The lowdown on Haiti
Another jewel, this time in Havana
Activities in the Windward Islands
Clue sheet - the asterisks mark jewels found (and informants paid)
Is the good Doctor here, by any chance?
Another trusty-looking fellow keeps his end of the bargain
High scores
Title screen (CGA Composite)
Conducting our investigation in Belize (CGA Composite)