SSX 3 Screenshots

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GameCube version

Part of the introduction sequence
Title screen
Select a character
The mountain; choose the trail and event you would like to compete in
Nice looking jump ahead...
A mid-air flip!
Loading screens show your character on the lift
Those towers of light indicate the location of a Big Challenge
Another flip...just don't land like this!
Gain some extra speed in a race by riding on these rails
Performing tricks on one of many super pipes
Jumping over a large crevice
Whoa, sharp turn!
A crash; tap B to try to recover
This trail can get a bit foggy
Beginning a race
Riding along a fallen tree
Game menus; visit a lodge to buy attributes/gear, or change settings
Racing; get out of my way!
Performing tricks in a big air event
A Big Challenge; perform tricks to earn points
I crashed; guess I won't be able to collect that snowflake which is worth money
A Big Challenge; snowboard through a series of gates
It's a blizzard!
The starting gate for an event
Jumping over a log
Approaching an event gate
Performing a rail trick
That X to the bottom right is a point multiplier
So far I'm 3rd place in this big air event...