SSX Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Racer selection.
Course selection.
The Game's demo version starts with an animated sequence of video clips taken from the game which it assures players are completely genuine
The demo game's introduction is dramatic stuff. It starts with people getting to the top of a mountain by helicopter and then making spectacular leaps from snow cliffs, that would be the dot on the ed
The start of the Aloha course

Demo game video sequence
Pulling a 480 on the Merquery City course

Demo game video sequence
The demo game video sequence also shows close ups of the players. Love the gloves.
The controller configuration screen

Demo game
The demo game is based in the Elysium Alps course and it begins with a fly-by of the course
The start of a single player race

Demo game
All the lights are green, a single player race is about to begin
Part way down the course. The boarder angles into the snow very nicely
The boarder has just pulled of an amazing 950 degree spin
The course is very steep and very fast
It's possible to do some really good looking stunts in this game
The demo game is time limited