S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
This is the small village where you start off the game.
Our first contact
Missions, stats, map and info on the zone's topics is stored in your PDA
Inventory menu: Equipped weapons and artifacts, carried object, armor and stats
Looting a deceased friend (it wasn't me, promise). The menu is the same as that for trading
All the names are composed by a Russian name and an English word
Moving through areas ask for loading times
Grenade explosion
"Sniping" a sniper
Old canals are filled with monsters.
Shadows in this game are just amazing
A lighting illuminates the valley
Hunting for mutated boars.
An abandoned car park
This bandit won't want to talk if you stick your weapon in his face.
The vehicle cemetery
Some mutants can mess with your mind
Can a game get more beautiful than this?
Getting too close to anomalies. Notice how the sky looks.
The 100 Rad Bar in Duty, a nice place for your social and financial life
You can use the binoculars to assess threats before they assess you.
Mercenaries shoot down an helicopter
Campfire is a good place to catch some music.
Helping a scientist through that hellish tunnel
Scientific field research lab
Yes, there are zombies too thanks to brain corrupting technologies
Impressive and dangerous places await you in the Zone
Highly radiated area
Mutant in underground facility
Freedom faction HQ
Duty squad helping you to enter Prypiat
City entrance, only the sign "Welcome" is missing...
Abandoned vehicles
Surroundings of the nuclear plant is a battleground
The game is full of scary and eerie details such as this one! Poor ol' gov...
Ugly looking industrial complexes are the highlight of the olde Soviet.
The professor will give you some hard tasks but he's got some nice gadgets in exchange, plus he pays the most for artifacts.
Just make sure you don't end up like this guy.
Fancy having a break for a pee? Attention to detail and eerie features is abundant in this game.
One of the toughest mutants is this lovely guy that messes up your brain for good so that you get so much disorientated... and don't blame it on the vodka.
This is the effect when you get close to one of these mind controlling antennas! Oh yes, the Soviets have been experimenting with mind control as well...
The town of Pripyat is a true 3D modeling masterpiece!
Not only it is beautifully done, but attention was taken to represent the real thing as well, which is done exceptionally.
Things don't look so good in this one... All hell is about to break loose! You better start runnin' boy!
Sometimes the scenery is so complex that you don't really know where hostiles will come from.
Some ragdolls
Lake Yantar, looking gloomy as ever (Stalker 2009 Complete)