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Atari 2600

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Easy to learn, easy to play, not so easy to beat Atari 2600 Mullet of Death (603)

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Platform Votes Score
Atari 2600 15 3.3
Intellivision 2 4.0
Combined User Score 17 3.4

Critic Reviews

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IntellivisionThe Video Game Critic
Largely underrated in its day, people are finally beginning to appreciate what an ingenious little game this is. As you guide a cowboy on a horse up and down the screen, you lasso steer that approach from the right, and the game ends when three get by. Cattle of different shades move at varying rates, but you can "nudge" groups of them forward. A typical game of Stampede tends to be short, largely due to those stationary "black angus" cows that appear without warning. Sometimes snagging those babies seems to require as much luck as skill. Although this is very close to the original Atari 2600 Stampede (Activision, 1981), there are less steer on the screen at any given time, and they look more chunky. Also, your lasso has a little less range, which will give Intellivision fans a serious case of "lasso envy" (and rightly so). The audio is fair, with its steady "clop clop" of hooves. For a fun game that doesn't require much time investment, give Stampede a try.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic
I still haven't figured out if it's possible to memorize the patterns, or if the game has a random element. It seems like every time you play Stampede, you get a little better. And let's face it, any game that gives you a "free cow" has got to be a winner.
Atari 2600neXGam
Aufpassen sollte man jedoch auf die Bullen, die sich dem Cowboy trotzend in den Weg stellen. Sie bringen zwar 100 Punkte, aber dadurch, dass sie stillstehen, sind sie schnell am linken Rand verschwunden. Falls der Cowboy mehr als drei Tiere hinter sich lässt, ist das Spiel verloren. Schwierig ist dabei, dass man sich momentan nicht bewegen kann, sobald man sein Lasso auswirft, was einem zum Verhängnis werden kann. Die Kälber laufen dabei in sechs Bahnen und müssen nicht sofort eingefangen werden. Berührt man mit seinem Pferd eines der Tiere, laufen sie wieder ein Stück weiter nach vorne und man hat zusätzliche Zeit gewonnen um sich um den Rest zu kümmern.