The Stanley Parable Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (Dutch version)
Introduction sequence showing Stanley at work.
Title screen
To obey or not to obey. This is the choice?
An elevator in the maintenance corridor
A presentation in the meeting room
A Model M keyboard, or one of its imitations
Spend some time in the broom closet.
Work harder, hard worker
Your boss is not in his office.
Moving to another area.
Marketing sheet (the smartest of a variety in the office)
Marketing psychology
The entrance to a facility
Lots of screens
Do they want to freeze the world?
Riding a lift.
One of the options leads to freedom.
Whoops, the software has been loaded.
If those switches were so tangible and accessible in the real world...
Countdown timer
The lounge room
Warnings to heed when using the lift.
The narrator helps you a little with the choice of doors.
Suddenly there are three options.
Please rate the game so far.
Can you save the baby from the fire?
Suddenly you are in Minecraft.
This section looks familiar too.
A lot of empty desks in your office
A storage room
A ringing telephone
Instruction video about choice
Now the environment looks a little messed up.
Oh dear, what happened here?
Alternate version of your boss' office
You playing as Stanley watch Stanley.
A strange encounter
The bathroom of your boss
A long corridor
The museum
Near the parking lot
Suddenly Stanley is on a sidewalk with a woman nearby.
Stanley is happy. One more time
What a nightmare
Real mail sent by players to the game's Narrator
That is it
Nearing conclusions
Loading screen
You win! (As if it were possible to...)