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Arcade 5 3.1
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Combined User Score 5 3.1

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The catchy little fanfare at the beginning of the game is the only "cute" thing you'll see or hear. From then on it's pure action. Since the arcade game was vector designed, very little graphic detail is lost in this home translation. Overall, Star Castle is like a Daytona stock car - stripped down, as it is, it may not look like much, but boy, can it perform.
VectrexThe Video Game Critic (Sep 25, 2001)
This old arcade game is not found on many video game consoles. You control a small ship like the one from Asteroids (rotate, thrust, fire). The star castle is at the center of the screen, surrounded by a multi-layered, rotating shield. You can shoot away sections of the shield, but don't destroy an entire layer or it will regenerate -- along with an additional layer. This is an extremely difficult game. Even if enough holes are created to expose the core, it takes pinpoint accuracy to destroy the star castle. You'll also need to keep an eye out for guided missiles. A good strategy of dealing with them is to use the edge of the screen as an escape route. Star Castle is a real cult classic, and it presents a major challenge to shooter fans. Note: This was the acknowledged influence for the Atari 2600 game Yars' Revenge.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
The graphics are black-and-white, but a screen overlay gives the game color. Star Castle is simplistic in nature, but enjoyable and challenging, requiring sure aim, proficient timing and a steady hand.
VectrexTeleMatch (Feb, 1984)
Ich kann mir nicht helfen: Mir hat Star Castle keinen allzu großen Spaß bereitet; zu wenig anders ist das Spiel, zu wenig unterscheidet es sich von mehreren Spielen ähnlichen Typs. Originalität ist bei dieser Cassette nicht Trumpf, und zunehmend kritischer darf man doch wohl in Anbetracht dessen, was heute realisiert werden kann und bereits worden ist, wohl sein.
VectrexRetro Game Reviews (Dec 27, 2015)
Star Castle isn't the worst shooter in the world but I just didn't find the overall concept to be particularly interesting. On top of this the gameplay isn't really much fun and in my opinion there's much better shooters available on the Vectrex such as Cosmic Chasm (1982) and Mine Storm (1982).