Star Castle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Demo screen showing © date publisher
quarter/token inserted 1 credit
Game start
Starting to remove outer ring
Little is left outer & ring middle half gone & open center ring. Small stars are mines that attack your ship. 2 mines are in pursuit while the Star Castle launches a torpedo as well.
Thought I could get the shot through but missed. The Star Castle torpedo's my ship
2 ships left
The Star Castle rings are about gone and it fires torpedo's almost constantly to prevent a clear shot!
Slip in from the far side and BOOM Star Castle implodes! Extra ship. Play until all ships destroyed.
Game Over
High Score
Game starts (without overlay)
Game over (without overlay)

Vectrex version

Star Castle
Your Ship, The Star Castle and It's Cannon...
The star Castle starts to send out basic weapons
Blasting the Castle and removing some defense
Small Missile heading toward your ship
Destroyed :_(