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Star Control 3

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A novel named "Star Control: Interbellum" was published by Prima and written by author W. T. Quick. The book supposedly contains story and events that takes place between Star Control 2 and Star Control 3... however the popular opinion is that the author has never played or was ever given the plot to either game. It may be worth collecting, but it's certainly not worth reading. Also the player character of both games is given a name for the novel, "Commander Omega".

Contributed by WildKard (12157) on Jan 18, 2004. -- edit trivia

Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III owned the character rights to the various alien races, Accolade owned the Star Control copyright. When the original creators declined to make the new sequel, Accolade gave them an ultimatum; sell the character rights or part three would be made with entirely new characters, no continuity involved whatsoever. The creators decided to make some final money off of their creations and hope that Accolade didn't screw it up too badly.

Contributed by Vance (98) on Aug 08, 2002. -- edit trivia

Fred Ford and Paul Reiche apparently sold the rights to the "Star Control" name and idea to Accolade, who felt they could capitalize on the name without involving the original creators. None of the original artists involved with Star Control II were even approached to work on Star Control III.

Contributed by Aaron Grier (32) on Nov 09, 1999. -- edit trivia

This game deterred all attempts to capture screenshots--until I found, quite by accident, that it will cheerfully dump a screenshot to a .PCX file if you hit PRTSC during gameplay. :-P

Contributed by Trixter (8743) on May 21, 1999. -- edit trivia