Star Fleet I: The War Begins! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Starting the game; your name?
Your orders
The main gameplay screen
Security control
Red alert!
Would you believe that was an electrical malfunction?
Destroyed some enemies...
Enemy status

Apple II version

Title screen.
Enter your name.
Welcome to Star Fleet!
Mission orders.
Starting a mission.
Warping through space!
Red alert!
We've taken a hit!
Torpedoes away!
1 Krellan destroyed!
Damage report.

Atari 8-bit version

Loading / Interstel logo
Title screen
Credits presented as an org chart
Starting...are you a new recruit?
Mission briefing
The game begins
Targeting system
Navigation error!

Atari ST version

Interstel title screen
Title screen
Log on screen
Main menu
Viewing your service record
Credits screen
Your orders
The gameplay screen; navigation has been engaged!
Enemy status
Security control
Navigation error
Loading/Intersel logo (Monochrome)
Title screen (Monochrome)
Enter your name (Monochrome)
Your orders (Monochrome)
The main game screen; system status (Monochrome)
Enemy status (Monochrome)

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Intro screen.
Status report.
Damage report.
Docking at starbase.
Starbase status report.
Completed a mission.
Signing in options.
Star Fleet roster.
The Lame-O Copy Protection.
Signing up for Star Fleet. Remember - Starship captains get all the girls.
Welcome to Star Fleet!
Mission Briefing.
Starting a mission.
Nav control.
Red Alert! Krellen ships are in this sector!

DOS version

Interstel company logo
Title screen
Credits screen
Main menu
Service record
Commendations and awards
Current standing towards promotion
Status of Star Fleet personnel
Heavy cruiser selection screen
Mission briefing
5 Krellans attacking the Endeavour
The Endeavour attacking a Krellan and a decloaked Zaldron (of course, the enemy choose this moment to attack a distant starbase!)
Scotty! Give me a damage control report!

Macintosh version

Title - version & release date
Mission summary
Game start
Docking at Starbase 1
Under attack two Krellan ships
Damages from battle
Moving into transporter range
Captured the vessel and took 32 prisoners
Delivering the captured ship to Starbase 1