Star Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
First wave.
Flying over the surface.
Ground defences to destroy.
Keep blasting.
Clearing the waves of fighters.
Destroy it all.
Destroy it.
Upgraded ship.

MSX version

Title screen
Leaving base
Try to pick up the letter
Destroy the End Boss structure
Area 1 completed
Shoot the structures

NES version

Export title screen
Japanese title screen
Starting out
Enemy attack wave
Mid-level nasty
A clip-on ship gives you auto-fire
Approaching the boss
Attack Alpha target!
Alpha target, with a big A on its belly
Alpha target cleared
Not only the title screen, but the in-game graphics differ in the Japanese version

Sharp X68000 version

Anthology title screen
Game title screen
First stage
Each stage in the game is named after a letter of the Greek alphabet
I have the only power-up in the game and face the first boss
Alpha-area score