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Ready to intergalactic challenge? NES Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (113)

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NES 13 3.3
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Combined User Score 13 3.3

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In a neat touch, the player can fly under certain segments of the background to dodge out of battle with particularly tricky enemy waves, although sometimes this occurs at very inopportune times. While the game is simple and lacking variety, it’s very well-put together and a great choice for any shooter fan needing a quick fix.
58 (Jul, 2013)
the problem with power-ups in Star Soldier: they look cool, but they don’t deliver on the promise of powering you up. Like any Hollywood blockbuster, Star Soldier has its enjoyable moments, but at its core, it’s pure flash, no substance.
WiiNintendo Life (Jul 30, 2007)
Although Star Soldier entertained shooter addicts back in the 80s it simply doesn’t have the quality to compete against later, more notable genre pieces. If you’ve got an itchy trigger finger then Super Star Soldier, Blazing Lazers/Gunhed or Soldier Blade are much better choices. Only hardcore fans of the franchise should really consider downloading this.
WiiIGN (Aug 03, 2007)
Takahashi Meijin may not get the positive feedback he's hoping for when sales data comes back for Star Soldier. But, hopefully, the number of downloads for this game's far superior sequels will still encourage him and Hudson to continue the series with a new installment for the Wii. Super Star Soldier, Soldier Blade and Blazing Lazers are all vastly improved shooter experiences that are already available in the Wii Shop, and priced at only 100 Points more than this NES effort – we'd strongly recommend you download one of those three titles instead, and leave this game where it belongs, back in 1986.