Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time

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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 4 3.0
SNES 4 3.5
Combined User Score 8 3.3

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SNESConsoles Plus
Le jeu est intéressant et bien réalisé, même si, à la longue, les graphismes sont un peu monotones. Seul problème : connaître l'anglais est indispensable pour comprendre tous les textes...
GenesisJust Games Retro
If you're a fan of Star Trek, and not necessarily DS9, then this game is worth checking out. In fact this may well be one of the better Trek games you'll find on any system. It delivers a solid experience worth playing through until the conclusion. However, if you don't harbor even a passing Trekian interest then pass this one up. It's not general enough for just anyone to play, and a lot of jargon will be tossed at you with references you won't understand. For this reason, the game gets a 75% overall, but its score will probably be much higher with fans of the show.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Basically, I'll have to reiterate my Super NES review because this one is very close to that version. Aside from minor graphic differences, which we've come to expect these days. DS9 also has nicely detailed backgrounds right from the show -- all the characters in great detail and missions that are downright fun. The control could have used a bit more tweaking, but it isn't horrible. Again, this game is only for Star Trek fans: any adventure lover will dig it.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This game has been in the works for quite some time now. Deep Space Nine has the feeling of the show. The backgrounds are all taken from the series, the characters are drawn with great animation to detail and it's actually quite fun to play. Some of the areas to go through are tough, but it's a welcome challenge. The control was just fine for my tastes. Even though it is on a Super NES, the sound needed work. If you like these types of games, it's worth checking out.
SNESGamePro (US)
Gameplay soon becomes repetitive with Sisko running through similar-looking levels again and again. True adventure gamers may want to beam elsewhere for this type of action, but Deep Space Nine fans will warp onto this cart of it's authentic flair.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Puzzle fans may enjoy noodling out the time consuming solutions to DS9's missions, but action junkies will prefer time behind bars. Rent this one before you beam onboard.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
DS9 isn't a terrible game; I found a certain level of enjoyment in playing. This stemmed more from my liking for the show than the game though. I recommend this only for fans of the show and for those who liked the Star Trek: Next Generation game.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time is an example of a game that could've and should've, but wasn't. When you play it, you'll know what I mean. Hardcore Star Trek fans are entitled to a game with lots of depth that holds their interest. DS9 falls short in both of these categories.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Bedauerlicherweise hat das Spiel an der hakeligen Steuerung und dem unausgereiften Gameplay sehr zu leiden. Die „Star Trek“-typische Handlung macht das Programm trotz der aufgeführten Mängel für alle hartgesottenen Fans der Kult-Science-fiction-Serie dennoch interessant.
GenesisGame Players
While the title is backed up by some nice graphics and animation, Deep Space Nine is a typical run left to right conversion game that never picks up enough to deliver real entertainment. Fans who like the cranial feel to the television show will find the run-and-jump antics of Sisko ridiculous and those who are looking for an action game will be bored senseless by the hard-to-follow plot and lackluster performance of the game.
Overall, Crossroads of Time is fairly disappointing and mostly irritating adventure that didn't stir the gaming pot up at all. It kept the tradition of being a Star Trek title and also being pretty awful. Its not worth buying, its not worth playing, what it is worth is being run over by a semi truck, unless you're one of those people who has to beat every cart you pick up. And if you are, I have no pity for you. This game sucks. Wait, space doesn't suck. But this game does. Er, you figure it out.