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    Captain's log, stardate 6238.4. There is no doubt that you're being watched. By whom and by what type of life form is not determined. Even Spock has not been able to accurately assess this data. The occurrences are just too strange. The tension increases as you beam down to mysterious worlds and encounter strange adversaries in situations that simply defy logic. You're a long way from Starfleet Command and only you can discover what--or who--is challenging you beyond your wildest nightmares. Or can you? Explore eight all new, thought-provoking episodes with the entire crew under your command.

    Test your strategy as you play straight through the adventures, or lock phasers on target and clash with your enemy in head-on action.

    Premier the new CD-ROM version of STAR TREK: Judgment Rites, complete with the actual voices of the entire original STAR TREK cast:
    • William Shatner
    • Leonard Nimoy
    • DeForest Kelly
    • James Doohan
    • George Takei
    • Walter Koenig
    • Nichelle Nichols

    and, for the first time, Majel Barrett, the voice of the U.S.S. Enterprise Computer!

    Original series' sound effects and music take you back to the action.

    Game play enhancements with a CD-ROM full of dramatic cinematic sequences, brilliant 3D explosions and stunning deep space encounters.

    Contributed by IJan (1999) on Mar 03, 2000.