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DOSTechtite (2000)
The best edition for Trekkies, however, would have to be the collector's edition, with an additional CD that had an exclusive video of the late Gene Roddenberry. Both Gene and Trekkies alike are probably quite proud of this game; one of the last, great 2D adventure games. For this Trekkie, it's even on my list of Top 50 Multimedia Classics.
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1998)
In the "Special CD-ROM edition", MacPlay has added an additional CD-ROM containing an interview with Gene Roddenberry, an interview with Leonard Nimoy, a "Making of" video and biographies of the original Star Trek cast. If this is something you really want to have, by all means, go ahead and look for the special version. Otherwise, it's not necessary to have to enjoy the game.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1996)
I thought this new Star Trek game would have shown more improvement from the first installment (25th Anniv. Game). Except for a few improvements and the collector's CD-ROM with pin, Judgment Rites is far behind as far as graphic adventure games go. For the Star Trek fan, I would buy this edition simply for the collector's CD. I've always enjoyed Star Trek past and present. However, this title simply shows its age and belongs to those who are looking for nostalgia instead of super game play.