Interview footage

The Gene Roddenberry interview footage was originally filmed in 1991 for the 25th Anniversary TV Special, portions of which have never been seen publicly.

Klingon translation

Regarding the game itself, in the scene where the Klingon Captain is having a loud dispute with his unnamed aide, and the two of them switch to speaking Klingon so that the Starfleet personnel will not understand them, they are using the language as it was officially invented by the linguist Marc Okrand who, in about 1982, was hired by Paramount to devise the Vulcan and Klingon languages. As for what the two characters are saying to one another, there appear to be minor errors in word choice and word order.

Captain Qlar's aide, in essence, reproves the captain in an extremely insubordinate and presumptuous manner. The aide suggests that by negotiating with the alien artificial intelligence based on a presumption of equal status, the Captain is degrading himself. Consistently showing a hostile and distrustful attitude towards all aliens, Qlar's aide insists that the proper course of action would be for Qlar to use threats to force the alien artificial intelligence either to give over the information that Qlar has been ordered to inquire about, or else force it to erase the "stolen" information. The aide suggests the Captain is losing face by not simply demanding what his superiors want.

Correcting for the grammatical mistakes, the intent of the exchange is:

Aide: "When does a Klingon bargain like a merchant, Captain Qlar? You disgrace your family!"

Captain Qlar: "You should be ashamed to judge your elder, young one. It is not useful to demolish [erase] the information." A looser translation might be that Qlar pointed out how, "Such information, if demolished, would be of no use to anyone."

The aide subsequently requests that Commander Spock help him knock Qlar unconscious, claiming that Qlar is "mad." If nothing is done, Qlar fells his aide with a punch to the chin and, speaking in Klingon, issues an order by radio for his aide to be beamed back to the nearby Klingon warship. If instead Captain Kirk orders Spock to use the Vulcan nerve pinch on Qlar's aide, then before sending the signal for his aide to be taken aboard, Captain Qlar calls the semiconscious man by an indistinct word that is difficult to understand. It may be the man's name -- alternatively it may mean "Violent one!" or "You are too violent!"

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