Star Trek: Shattered Universe Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
Main Title (from the opening cinematic)
Opening credits is made very similar to STTNG series
Captain Sulu in the opening cinematic, and your superior on this shattered voyage
Upon exiting the vortex, you will find yourself in the parallel universe where things are not as before, including the crew
Your ship, ISS Excelsior, docked at Starbase IX in need of some repairs
Klingons are not known for their hospitality, so if their region of space is calm something dire is afoot
Game menu is done as a rotatable main bridge where you can save, load, play game or check the options
Selecting a fighter for your next mission (as you progress more fighters will become available)
More enemy ships incoming from warp
Before you can damage any ship you must take care of its force shield first
After the shield is down, try to find the blind spot from which you can finish off the enemy vessel
When countdown to self-destruction starts, you don't wanna stay in close vicinity to your victim
Camera automatically zooms in on any command ship that is about to explode, though game doesn't seem to pause for you nevertheless
Locking onto imperial fighter in the vicinity of a space station
Enemy fighter down, and rest assured, there is no way to eject
Mission briefing (yellow mark is your current mission, red are those that await ahead)
Klingon battle cruisers aiding you against the Empire
Taking down the shields on ISS Havoc
As you prove more worthy, so will rise your rank status and collection of medals
Each mission is like a chapter of its own, and what other way to start but by listening to your captain's log
The Empire is dissatisfied with Commander Chekov's efforts to stop you
Mission objectives will be stated prior to mission engagement but will most likely be updated on the run
Flying Klingon "Bird of Prey" while protecting your ship from cell defenses
Looks like ISS Enterprise is entangled in a dangerous web, literally... hm, should we help them or not?
With Romulan fighter you can cloak and thus approach enemy battle ship undetected, but you cannot shot while cloaked
Every mission starts with your fighter being launched from within the ISS Excelsior
Shields down, that was a direct phaser shot from the ISS Betrayer, try to pull off some evasive maneuvers
Blasting the ISS Betrayer where it hurts the most, hull strength is on but a 50%
Enemy fighters won't just let you calmly attack their command ships