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Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Streamlined, but not necessarily better Kasey Chang (3652) unrated

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Reaffirming the glory of the Star Trek series and enhancing it with miscellaneous innovative gameplay elements, Star Trek: Star Fleet Command III is a deep-involving and highly addictive space-combat sim. The game's sharp learning curve and its complexity shouldn't be unrightfully misinterpreted as a game flaw, but rather as an essential part of the whole experience. And let me say something to all of you gamers out there who may prefer less demanding games: you shouldn't give up if you happen to suck as a Starfleet pilot. It just takes a few hours practice and you'll be a highly decorated officer in no time.
I wish I could find more wrong with Starfleet Command III. Plain and simple, it's an excellent game that blends the strategy of the series' past offerings with improved graphics, a streamlined interface, new races, and role-playing elements. It's a must-have for humans and Borg alike.
Vaikka lähestyin peliä epäluuloisesti kuin saksalainen Wurstmeister ruotsalaista lenkkimakkaraa, pakko tästä on pitää. Starfleet Command 2 on kuningas, mutta Starfleet Academy, Klingon Academy ja Bridge Commander murjottavat nurkassa, kun Starfleet Command III sovittaa perintöprinssin kruunua päähänsä.
One of the more enjoyable Star Trek titles, Star Fleet Command III will not disappoint fans of the franchise. With a story mode that puts you in command of the Federation’s finest starships as well as the enemy’s ships as well as the addition of a great online mode, strategy gamers and Trek fans alike will definitely enjoy this one.
The Next Generation setting is entirely faithful to the Star Trek canon and that's bound to attract a wider audience than previous editions. The slightly reduced focus of the conflicts helps to keep the player oriented in the right direction from a story standpoint, which is also a plus. It's the only title around that really offers this kind of experience so, if it sounds the least bit enjoyable to you, you'll find the gameplay more than lives up to the concept.
PC Zone Benelux
Wat wil de fan nog meer. Gloednieuwe graphics, het diepgaande Next Generation universum en vertrouwde gameplay in een totaal nieuw jasje. Verzet is zinloos. Je weet zelf wel of jij tot de doelgroep van dit spel behoort.
Wenn man sich einmal durch das Tutorial durchgearbeitet und die Steuerung intus hat, macht SFC3 erstaunlich viel Spaß. Die Storymissionen habe ich praktisch verschlungen, wobei auch die erstklassige Sprachausgabe dazu beigetragen hat. Diese ist übrigens auch in der deutschen Version auf englisch, was in meinen Augen aber ein guter Schritt ist und die Atmosphäre erhält. Nachdem man durch die Story durch ist, ist der Zugang aber nicht mehr so leicht. Die anderen Modi sind wenig begeisternd und gerade der "Brettspiel" Modus nur etwas für Leute mit viel Geduld. Positiv zu erwähnen sind die Massen an Fans in den USA, die bereits für eine Menge Mods und Tipps im Internet gesorgt haben.
However, Starfleet Command III is a great game overall. Its voice acting, with the exception of the Borg, is superb--the game even features Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, who provides voice-over for the game's tutorials. The online campaign, called Dynaverse 3, is also playable right out of the box and is as robust as the single-player conquest campaign, though it lets you group with players in fleets to take over other players' territories.
Armchair Empire, The
Now we’ve been here before. You want to fly a starship right? You want to crush your enemies underneath your boot right? I’m still waiting on the Deanna Troi/Seven of Nine dating simulator… I’ve flown the Enterprise before… Anyways, Starfleet Command III is a little misleading of a name, the game operates on two levels – the direct command of a starship, or as the sector admiral controlling a variety of starships (you take direct control of a ship once it enters battle). The main game mode involves working towards establishing a presence in the highly contested neutral zone; you can control Starfleet of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star-Empire (don’t worry the Borg are playable in multiplayer).
Meine Meinung zu Starfleet Command 3 ist noch immer zweigeteilt. Um ehrlich zu sein ist es Taldren nicht geglückt, den Titel für Einsteiger zugänglich zu machen - es sei denn sie nehmen eine gehörige Einarbeitungszeit in Kauf. Auf der anderen Seite muss man sich aber auch einfach fragen, wie viel dann noch vom Ursprungskonzept übrig geblieben wäre. So ist Teil 3 eine rundum verbesserte Version der Vorgänger, auf die sich alle Fans stürzen sollten. Denn eine spannende Story und völlig neue Schiffe standen schon lange auf dem Wunschzettel!
Starfleet Command 3 is very much an evolution of the series and it's clearly in good hands with Taldren. They have a firm grasp of the main gameplay and hopefully they can turn their attentions to the graphics and getting rid of the myriad of bugs. They've also shown the community good support by allowing ship models to be imported and there is even a Nemesis plugin that coincides with the film. I'm a huge Star Trek fan and it's from that perspective that I got most of my enjoyment from this game because it offers up a quintessential Star Trek experience. It's not a perfect game but it's carved out a niche audience who have seen far worse things with the Star Trek brand. I'm sure the series will only get better and better.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Despite being targeted at more casual fans of the Star Trek franchise, the numerous rough edges in Starfleet Command III make it hard to recommend to that demographic, as it hasn’t yet received enough polish. As Taldren has typically shown great resolve in addressing such issues through patches, it might be a compelling product for those new to the genre in the near future – even if it now falls short out of the box. Advanced players and long time fans of Starfleet Battles will rue the simplifications of the rule set, though the great sense of online community still remains and the impressive Next Generation environment will undoubtedly pull them into the game. While many of the design decisions will certainly alienate those on both sides of the fence, Starfleet Command III remains a “must have” for fans of the series. It’s Star Trek, and it’s good.
Overall the game has a great Star Trek feel to it however the combat side of the game can be frustrating at times. If Star Trek is your scene or if you go weak at the knees hearing Captain Picards voice then this is the game for you. If you want a space combat sim then you may wish to consider some of the alternatives that are soon to be released (Hegemonia for one).
PC Action
Was mich an Starfleet Command 3 am meisten stört, ist nicht die gewöhnungsbedürftige Steuerung sondern die langatmigen Kämpfe. Die sind beinahe so zäh wie die Gehaltsverhandlungen mit Masterchief Bigge. Die meiste Zeit verbringen Sie damit, Ihre Kiste in eine gute Schussposition zu manövrieren und darauf zu warten, dass Ihre Waffen endlich wieder geladen sind. Ich kann Ihnen sagen: Es vergehen Minuten, bis Sie einen einfachen Frachter zerlegt haben. Aber lassen Sie sich danach bloß nicht abknallen! Denn gespeichert wird nur zwischen den Missionen. Vorausgesetzt, das Spiel ist vorher nicht abgestürzt, was bei uns häufig der Fall war.
GameStar (Germany)
Die Starfleet Command-Spiele waren schon immer ein Fall für gemütliche Flottenkommandeure. Auch Starfleet Command 3 macht keine Ausnahme: 44 Missionen lang gleicht der Spielverlauf einer meditativen Erfahrung; Nicht-Trekkern fallen angesichts der behäbigen Schiffstänze schnell die Augen zu. Fans ergötzen sich aber an der akkurat umgesetzten Serien-Vorlage.
Game Captain
Starfleet Command III hätte meiner Meinung nach ein gutes Spiel werden können. Es bietet eine Menge toller Ansätze, die leider nicht konsequent genug umgesetzt wurden.
PC Gamer UK
Next Generation setting, but same old deep space thrashing. Passes the time with chums, though.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
It’s aggravating that Starfleet Command III is just a few (albeit significant) patches away from being a good game. Unfortunately, there’s a strong chance we’ll have to rely on the fan community to nurse this ailing preemie back to health.