Star Trek: The Next Generation - "A Final Unity"

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If Guybrush Threepwood Had Served On The Enterprise.... DOS ETJB (447)
Make it so!.....kind of... DOS Zovni (9329)
One of the best Star Trek games ever. DOS Alkali (11)
A good, if flawed follow-up to Star Trek: 25th anniv. and Judgement Rites DOS James Kirk (159)

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DOS 49 3.9
Macintosh 3 3.8
Combined User Score 52 3.9

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In this game, you get more power of the Starship Enterprise than you know how to deal with. You can select an easier mode, where characters like Worf do the hard stuff for you (space battles, setting co-ordinates to the next location, etc.), or you can control all the action yourself! Meanwhile, you must unearth the secret behind an old artifact, which may hold unspeakable power! Get the phasers (or serious communication skills) at the ready, because many other alien races (including Romulans and Klingons) know of this artifact as well, and are hot on your trail! The ending is vintage of the best Next Generation episodes themselves, which, in addition to all the actual cast voices, makes this a must have game classic for any and all Trekkies! It may have been a little too DOS compatible, on the eve of the initial release of Windows 95, and yet its deserved rating --the highest one possible-- cannot be taken away...
DOSComing Soon Magazine
Spectrum Holobyte, who is more famous for their flight sims than anything else, has made a decisive step towards the adventure gaming world with their first interactive adventure game, Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity". After many months of delays, the game is finally available and the wait was well worth it.
הדור החדש לוקח אותנו למקומות, שאף משחק עדיין לא לקח אותנו בעבר. שלוש שנים הקדישו החבר'ה של ספקטרום הולובייט למשחק. וכל דקה הוקדשה למשחק עם הרבה אהבה. מומלץ בחום!
MacintoshMac Gamer
This original interactive episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" really offers the Mac-gamer a chance to not only use his/her reflexes, but also his/her minds as well. Just like in the TV series, you must figure out what, when, why, and how...and of course, time is crucial! Interact with various alien races seen in the real show, as well as meet new alien civilizations. After all, that is what the crew of the starship Enterprise's mission is all about. Although animated with mouths that are not in sync at times, the original cast does provide a realistic performance much like the series. If you are a STNG fan or even a fan of mystery, this CD-ROM should be in your possession.
DOSGameplay (Benelux)
Dit is nu een spel waar twee jaar aan gewerkt is, en het resultaat is fraai te noemen. Eerlijk is eerlijk. Besluit: de echte 'Trekkies' kunnen zonder dit kleinood gespeeld te hebben niet ongestoord doorleven. Koop het hen voor het te laat is. Mensen die graag adventures spelen van een redelijk niveau mogen zich dit ook aanschaffen, al was het maar om niet met rode kaken te staan wanneer men hen vraagt of ze STTNG ooit gespeeld hebben. De rest van de bevolking kan ik slechts toespreken met de gevleugelde woorden: je krijgt waar voor je lieve duiten! De Loore out.
Combinând vocea actorilor din film cu secvențe superbe provenind tot din producția cinematografică, un sunet original cu misiuni interesante, acest joc se dovedește a fi unul dintre acelea care nu merită să fie ratat și care te ține ore după ore în fața PC-ului.
DOSPower Play
Wer wunderschöne Computeranimationen geniessen und den Originalstimmen seiner Helden lauschen möchte, der sollte sich "A Final Unity" unbedingt ansehen. Rätseltechnisch bleibt man dagegen auf dem Teppich und bietet durchweg gediegenes Mittelmass, wobei uns in der einfachen Stufen sogar vom Bordcomputer unter die Arme gegriffen wird.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
A Final Unity hinterließ bei mir einen guten, aber keineswegs überwältigenden Eindruck - das mag aber auch daran liegen, daß ich persönlich eher der "alten" Star Trek-Generation zugetan bin. Besonders erfreulich ist die Tatsache, daß es sich um ein echtes Adventure und nicht - wie viele im Vorfeld befürchteten - um einen "Interaktiven Film" handelt.
Star Trek: A Final Unity on kaikesta itkusta, valituksesta ja särkyneistä odotuksista huolimatta hyvä peli, tai sanotaanko Trek-kokemus. Silti Interplayn Trek-pelit vetävät vielä pitemmän korren: ne ovat sentään aitoja seikkailupelejä, ja alkuperäinen Star Trek on vangittu niihin paremmin kuin hyvin.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Wenn mich am ansonsten grundsoliden Programm eines stört, dann ist es die Grafik. Die Verquickung vieler unterschiedlicher Stile macht die Illusion, "im Spiel" zu sein, oft kaputt. Ertappt man sich beim Angucken eines neuen Bildes dabei, als erstes nicht das Alien sondern die andere Zeichentechnik zu bemerken, haben die Grafiker was falsch gemacht. Auch die Animationen der Crewmitglieder könnten um einiges schöner sein. Spätestens in der zweiten Spielhälfte sollte Sie die intelligente Story jedoch derart mitreißen, daß sie über solche Grafik-Schwächen wohlwollend hinwegsehen.
DOSAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
A Final Unity was really a huge step forward so far as Star Trek games are concerned. Combining the vocal talents of the original cast, great movie sequences, original musical scores, a good interface, and interesting puzzles help to make A Final Unity a must for all Star Trek fans.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Pros: Engaging story, outstanding visuals, Patrick, Jonathan, Brent, Michael, Marina, LeVar, Gates and Majel. Cons: The tactical portion may not appeal to all players, and the story, while good, is somewhat brief.
DOSWorld Village (Gamer's Zone)
All in all, "A Final Unity" is an enjoyable way to spend your free time. If you are even a little bit of a Trekker, you have to play this game just to see all of your favorite crew members in action. And even if you are not a diehard Star Trek fan, this game has a lot to offer as multimedia entertainment, as long as you can handle the minimum requirements.
MacintoshHigh Score
Snygg grafik och smarta inställningar gör att du kan välja mellan att sköta allt själv, eller att låta det mesta skötas med automatik.
Overall, this game offers an excellent extension of the feel of the show, and a solid game design as well.
A Final Unity is a game which, ultimately, may appeal most to the real Star Trek fans but will provide an interesting diversion for general Science Fiction fans as well. So, trip into the far reaches of the Universe, creep behind enemy sectors and navigate your way through some of the most dangerous space known to man. (Er, don't you mean sentient life-forms? - Ed.) Meet with diverse peoples and solve quests wherever you go. Make it so!
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming
While Interplay Productions has been the company to beat in adventure games based on the Star Trek license, Spectrum Holobyte has done a remarkable job of making a distinctive, enjoyable, and even deep adventure from the exploits of Picard and company. With top notch voice acting, multiple narrative paths, various difficulty settings, challenging puzzles, and gorgeous graphics, Star Trek: The Next Generation “A Final Unity” is definitely a game that Star Trek fans can come back to again and again.
Spectrum HoloByte did a lot of things right in developing this game, the company's first use of the coveted Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG) license.
DOSCD Player
Um die edle Lizenz ja nicht zu vergeigen, recycelten die Programmierer allseits bekannte Adventure-Konzepte. In sich abgeschlossene Missionen, Gegenstand-Suche, gruppendynamisches Puzzleknacken mit viel Geschwätz - sehr manierlich und unterhaltsam. Ohne das Star-Trek-Feeling und die gut durchdachten Plots wär‘s freilich nur gehobenes Mittelmaß. Drei Schwierigkeitsgrade und viele Hilfsfunktionen erfreuen Einsteiger, während Profis über durchwachsene Komplexität und hölzerne Grafik murren. Trotz solcher kleinen Schwächen kann das Weltraum-Abenteuer unterm Strich überzeugen.
DOSA Force for Good
Still, the high production values show through, and it does a reasonable job of that concept of putting you in charge of your own episode of TNG. You've got the exploration and the discovery, the strange new worlds, Picard mulling difficult decisions, and Data effortlessly reeling off lists of techy stuff. It could have been better in several areas, and might have benefited from a just plain better story, but I'd still say it's worth considering for any Trekkies with at least a passing interest in gaming.