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Star Wars: Dark Forces

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A gem of its time, recreating the original Star Wars fun and adventure. DOS RussS (781)
The first First Person Shooter I ever liked enough to finish DOS Alan Chan (3597)
A Good Port Of A PC Classic. PlayStation Guy Chapman (1744)
A rich and immersive Star Wars shooter, and a gaming classic DOS jTrippy (63)
The first game that stood away from Id's FPS crap DOS MAT (72562)
One of the longest-lasting games that I know of DOS Casey Neumiller (5)
A long time ago... DOS Chris Martin (1098)
Blaster bolts and hydro-spanners! DOS Clinton Webb (21)
Stop, Rebel scum! DOS Ashley Pomeroy (233)
The first and best experience in FPS action. DOS Jason Musgrave (75)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 104 4.0
Macintosh 6 4.3
PlayStation 20 3.6
Windows 9 3.3
Combined MobyScore 139 3.9

The Press Says

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The 3D game engine was made by LucasArts and includes several tweaks not seen in Doom, including the ability to jump, duck, tread water, and perform other amusing real-life maneuvers. There was also far more searching and thinking involved, as opposed to just running around and shooting everything. Sound effects from the movie series itself helped, and battle scenes were played for PG-rated action and suspense, not R-rated blood and gore. In truth, this was so much more fun than Doom, I give it the same rating. However, it was, to be fair, not an original concept, so I can only call it a "tie"...
DOSHigh Score
För den som gillar snabba actionspel kan vi bara ge ett enda råd - spring ut och köp Dark Forces direkt!
DOSSecret Service / New S Service
Zapewne zastanawiasz się czytelniku dlaczego ta gra ma być lepsza od wpaniałego, morderczego, krwistego i genialnego DOOM. DARK FORCES jest opracowane staranniej - od razu widać, że grafika jest dokładniejsza, ostrzejsza, przyjemniejsza i bardziej płynna. Oprawa dźwiękowa też jest super. DARK FORCES to coś więcej niż DOOM - to po prostu nowy styl.
DOSElectric Playground
Now that the world is fully enraptured by Star Wars Mania again, it is time to remember one of the seminal LucasArts games. Dark Forces unleashed its innovative gameplay two years ago. The hype was huge and the deliverance was near perfect. LucasArts grabbed hold of the burgeoning first person shooter genre and took it to another level. Kyle Katarn's journey through sewers, Imperial strongholds and Starships brought the Star Wars universe to life like no other game, at least beyond the cockpit of a Tie Fighter or X-Wing, had done before. It marked the first time a player could truly explore a 3D environment. The ability to look up or down, crouch and jump foreshadowed the emergence of the 3D platform game that is now the genre du jour. Dark Forces was more than an extension of Doom, it was an achievement all on its own; but beyond that it was simply a blast to play.
DOSJoystick (French)
Servi par un scénario béton, Dark Forces allie qualité technique et originalité. Il n'est pas seulement un kill'em up mais un vrai jeu d'aventure. A ne rater sous aucun prétexte.
DOSComing Soon Magazine
As for myself and many others, you will love Dark Forces not only because it is magnificently produced, but also because it brings you into the heart of the action with a goal. This objective, however, is not easy to reach, but I guarantee you hours of exciting moments in what will probably be the game of the year!
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Den Entwicklern von der Skywalker-Ranch ist es zu verdanken, daß in den kommenden Monaten 3D-Actionspiele weiterhin einen großen Teil des Marktes beherrschen werden. Auch wenn unverbesserliche Nörgler nur schwer zu überzeugen sind: Dark Forces ist alles andere als ein billiges Plagiat, es ist die neue Referenz.
Grande durée de vie et ambiance unique garanties.
Terrific Star Wars atmosphere; tons of weapons; and true 3D action. No multi-player support, and some of the levels are a little too busy. It's easily the best first-person shooter since Doom, and a must for Star Wars fans everywhere.
Si de notre point de vue actuel, le jeu ne semble pas très beau et est très "classique", il ne faut pas oublier qu'en son temps, Dark Forces réussissait l'exploit de surpasser Doom et toutes les productions de l'époque. Ses forces ? Une réalisation et un gameplay supérieurs, un scénario travaillé et pour la première fois, des buts spécifiques pour vos missions. Pour tout fan de Star Wars ou de FPS, Dark Forces est une perle qui a beaucoup apporté à son genre et qu'il ne faut louper pour rien au monde.
Si de notre point de vue actuel, le jeu ne semble pas très beau et est très "classique", il ne faut pas oublier qu'en son temps, Dark Forces réussissait l'exploit de surpasser Doom et toutes les productions de l'époque. Ses forces ? Une réalisation et un gameplay supérieurs, un scénario travaillé et pour la première fois, des buts spécifiques pour vos missions. Pour tout fan de Star Wars ou de FPS, Dark Forces est une perle qui a beaucoup apporté à son genre et qu'il ne faut louper pour rien au monde.
Infrapunalasit ja otsalamppu päässä antavat tälle toimintapelille omaleimaisuutta ja hahmo voi myös ryömiä ja hyppiä 3D-ympäristössä. Dark Forcesin ylös-alas-katseleminen toimii Hereticiä paremmin, koska eri tasoilla olevia kohteita on enemmän. Valitettavasti verkkopelimahdollisuutta Dark Forces ei tarjoa, mutta se on hyvin pieni puute. Älä missaa tätä peliä!
DOSJust Games Retro
It had to happen eventually. The only thing LucasArts loved more than pimping out its Star Wars franchise, was staying on the cutting edge of technology. So when Doom became the new buzzword, you could have bet dollars to doughnuts that you'd be seeing an first-person-shooter Star Wars game. This is that game.
MacintoshGénération 4
Les possesseurs de Mac vont enfin arrêter de baver devant les PC et peuvent maintenant assouvir leur passion pour la Guerre des Étoiles grâce à cette adaptation. Enfin presque tous, car il vous faut posséder un 68040 ou PowerMac avec au minimum 8 Mo de Ram ! Rien à dire, cette version est en tout point fidèle à l'originale. Malgré tout, il vous faudra plus de 8 Mo de Ram pour espérer obtenir une fenêtre en plein écran, et un Mac TRÈS puissant pour obtenir dans ce cas une fluidité correcte ! Mais malgré ces légers désagréments, le plaisir de diriger Kyle Katarn au fil d'une douzaine de missions reste inégalable. L'Empire et sa nouvelle arme secrète n'ont qu'à bien se tenir !
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Von diesen Kritikpunkten abgesehen, präsentiert sich Dark Forces als intelligentes Actionspiel, das Star-Wars-Fans und Doom-Liebhaber gleichermaßen fesseln wird.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Dark Forces satt Star Wars sitt rykte på spill, med å komme med seriens første førstepersonsskytespill. Det er tidligere kommet spill i serien som er fantastiske, blant annet Tie Fighter, og Dark Forces styrker denne rekken. Det er lite å ta spillet på, atmosfære som er glimrende, ett lydspor og effekter som får de fleste til å trekke på smilebåndet. Dark Forces er og blir en godbit under juletreet i år.
DOSPower Play
Doch so groß die Freude auch sein mag, „Dark Forces“ ist leider kein Innovationshammer. Zwar entdecken wir viele kleine Neuheiten, dürfen dieses Mal richtig rätseln und erfreuen uns an der perfekten Technik, doch vom Hocker haut uns das Storm-Trooper-Schießen nicht. Das Spiel ist schön designt, die Level sind hübsch groß, wenn auch manchmal etwas unübersichtlich und der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt bedächtig. Die Grafik ist unerwarteterweise recht abwechslungsreich, der Sound gewohnt gut. Doch zwei Macken verschließen „Dark Forces“ den Durchbruch in die absolute Oberliga: Zum einen das Dilemma mit der fehlenden Savegame-Funktion. Dies wäre annehmbar, wenn man nicht schon durch die kleinste falsche Bewegung im nächsten Abgrund verschwinden würde, aber so wird das Spiel nur unnötig erschwert. Des weiteren nervt der eingebaute Mini-Cheat, das Superschild.
Dieses Spiel hat die weitere Entwicklung des Genres vielleicht mehr beeinflusst als DOOM selbst. Es scheint als ob die Entwickler von Half-Life, welches bekanntermaßen von Valve Software entwickelt wurde, ein paar mal zu oft Dark Forces gespielt hätten. Dark Forces ist eine Perle unter den Shootern und gehört unzweifelhaft in die Halle der All-Star-Hits...
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Which brings us to the topic of mortality, and to the game's biggest flaw. You will die, a lot, in DARK FORCES, even on normal or easy game settings. Now you might thing, no problem, I'll just save and restore a lot; only you won't, because there is no save-game system. It ain't there. It's annoying, but not fatally so. Think of it as incentive to boot Imperial posteriors without a wimpy save-game net. Be a man. Oh yes, there's the multiplayer option. This, too, is nonexistent. DARK FORCES' long-term potential is hard to guess at. I don't now how long one could go on playing these same 14 levels (a while, I suspect – Hard'' difficulty level is pretty murderous), but I do know that if LucasArts gets on the ball with sequels and expansions, or if enterprising hackers code a level-building program, productive life on the planet is in serious danger. Even if you don't know or care who the asthmatic guy in the black armor is, DARK FORCES is a one-player action experience with few rivals.
DOSPower Unlimited
Doom rip-off of niet? De nieuwe mogelijkheden die de Jedi-engine biedt zijn interessant genoeg om die vraag onbelangrijk te maken. LucasArts heeft er weer een succesnummer bij, en gamers overal hebben er weer een tof spel bij.
One of the first titles to actually improve upon the Doom formula, Dark Forces managed to rise above “me-too” status and become a great game in its own right.
Dark Forces is undoubtedly a disappointment. It’s staid graphics just don’t do the PlayStation any justice, whatsoever. Standards in graphical development have obviously moved on in leaps and bounds since the sprite-driven days of Doom et al, so it comes as no surprise that what we are left with is a faithful, yet elderly-looking product. A crying shame, because I can’t imagine a better setting for a killer game than the Star Wars universe. Competent, but nothing special. Thank goodness the N64 game isn’t much cope either.
If you are a fan of the Star Wars series, you will have a good time with this game. If not, you may still enjoy it but not any more than any other first-person game on the market. Outstanding audio really pulled me into the game, but the "bug" also pushed me away. All in all, this is a decent game that could have been better, but could have been a lot worse.
PlayStationPlay Magazine
Dark Forces is undoubtedly a disappointment. It's staid graphics just don't do the PlayStation any justice, whatsoever. Standards in graphical development have obviously moved on in leaps and bounds since the sprite-driven days of Doom et al, so it comes as no surprise that what we are left with is a faithful, yet elderly-looking product.
Dark Forces is a pretty slick damn game in and of itself, but with a bit more imagination, could have been great. What you end up with is this sweet fantasy world...with you controlling Generic FPS Killing Machine #43. Which is all well and good if you're just looking for an entertaining game to pass the time, but won't get the job done if you're hoping to get your hands on something a bit more memorable than an "it was fun, but..." sort of experience.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Look, I don't want it to appear that I am just slagging off Dark Forces because the visuals did not reach the standard of Tomb Raider, or the controls never feel as intuitive as Doom, or even the animated scenes are so simplistic. It's just that I was so disappointed with the overall presentation, especially when the gameplay was so good and the storyline gripped your attention from the opening level to the thrilling climax. I expected so much more from a Lucas Arts product. Let's hope this is corrected when Dark Forces 2 appears and the frustrations of this game are left in a Galaxy far, far away.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
The dark forces here are the choppy gameplay and slow-down that plague most of the game - especially when things start to get intense. Your timing also slows down along with the game, which is very annoying in situations when precise actions are required. There are some great elements in Dark Forces, but it's too bad the game's dark side appears frequently.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games
If you have a PC that can still play it, that's the version of Dark Forces to dig up and play. The PS One has obvious problems with the engine. Still, if this is your only option, it's an adequate conversion, just not much else.
To its credit, Dark Forces is a good game that doesn't "play itself" like the Rebel Assault games do. What action the game has is fast, and the puzzles aren't bad. Suffice to say that the Star Wars universe alone is what will draw many people to this game - despite the poor gameplay, corny dialogue, and misplaced feel-good critters that ironically make George Lucas' space opera so appealing.
To their credit, Dark Forces should've been a really fun game. All of the elements that could make any game successful - solid control, first-person perspective, Star Wars - can't override the pitiful graphics and frame rate.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Uh oh, this is going to hurt. As a fan of the PC title, I had great expectations of the PS version. What I got was a choppy, slow, graphically challenged game with a high score on the frustration meter. I loved the problem-solving and intricate field designs, but the texture mapping was substandard. Maybe it's the Playstation's fault? Maybe it can't handle the detail required to really render this game in its full glory? Maybe this was hastily done...especially when you take a look at other accomplishments in the 3-D genre for Playstation? At any rate, this is a sad addition to the Star Wars saga. Give me a clean sequel!!!!
PlayStationGame Revolution
After playing Dark Forces, I must say that this game is the very definition of average. There's nothing about it that dazzles. I wish that I could at least say "Oh wow, cool!" at some point... but I didn't. This type of first person shooter has really begun to wear thin, not to mention the entire Star Wars hype. It could be more bearable if the levels didn't take so long to finish. In general, the game didn't have much appeal and I think that the only thing that pushed it all the way through production was the Star Wars label. The popular PC version was superior, and came out more than a year ago. Lucas Arts usually creates better quality games than this and I'm sorry to say that Dark Forces just didn't excite.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
The stormtroopers and Imperial Officers appear short and squat, but I do like how they fall back as you mow them down. Dark Forces is strong on the audio tip. The musical score is intense, and its familiar sound effects are lifted straight from the films. But that's a small consolation. Technically deficient and devoid of fun, I can't even recommend Dark Forces to Star Wars fans.