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Dreamcast 10 3.2
PlayStation 6 3.1
Combined User Score 16 3.2

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PlayStationVandal Online (Oct 01, 2000)
Otro "vástago" Star Wars

Innumerables son los videojuegos de la saga Star Wars, Lucas Arts ha intentado tocar todos los géneros, plataformas con el Star Wars de Super Nes, carreras de naves con el Star Wars Racer de PC, simuladores de pilotaje de naves con la saga X-Wing, juegos de acción en primera persona estilo Quake con los 2 Dark Forces, juegos shoot ém up, como los 2 Star Wars Episode 1 de psx y muchos más, sería casi imposible acordarse de todos. Ahora nace un nuevo Star Wars que nunca antes se había hecho. Un juego que mezcla el género de conducción con el de shoot ém up, se trata de elegir un vehículo, un escenario e ir pilotando tu nave en busca del adversario para intentar acabar con él.
DreamcastGamer's Pulse (Dec 14, 2000)
I think Demolition could have been a great game. It seems like the development crew just couldn’t cut loose and come up with a complete blast of a game. The idea is nothing new, with the exception of it having the Star Wars label, but the same kind of game worked in Vigilante 8, by the same company.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2001)
This is really a bittersweet release for me. I love Star Wars more than my family, yet I never really garnered any pleasure putting the Vigilante 8 series through its paces. It’s a good meets evil kind of thing, and naturally, this amalgam forged a mediocre release that excites, but never ignites any form of addiction. Seeing the vehicles in action is grand indeed, but they don’t maneuver as you’d expect them to. They all drive like cars, even the aircraft like the snowspeeder. The Star Wars aspect plays second string to the V8 experience. I would have liked it the other way around. Fun, yet disappointing.
DreamcastIGN (Nov 21, 2000)
Despite all my gripes about the visual and gameplay flaws, I actually enjoyed playing the game... in small amounts of time. Although Star Wars Demolition is far from a great game, it's nice to see a Star Wars game that doesn't rely on the license too much. Too bad Jar Jar isn't in the game, cuz I would've upped the score if I could fry his floppy ears off.
DreamcastGame Revolution (Nov 01, 2000)
But despite my fears, Star Wars Demolition turns out to be a decent game. There's some room for improvement, but what we've got isn't that bad. I just wish there were an Ewok fighter. Yub, yub!
PlayStationGame Revolution (Nov, 2000)
Blowing stuff up in Demolition is definitely fun in all its Star Wars glory, but the more you play, the more you'll notice the imbalance in gameplay. One thing that I learned early on is that offense is not the best policy. Players can unleash all their destructive force immediately, but without the proper weapon and enough charge, you'll barely scratch your opponents. Also, offensive play ends up draining the credits you have on recharges. It seems to me that a game like this needs plenty of offensive attitude. Demolition seems to reward defensive play instead, which leads to less thrashing.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 21, 2000)
At first glance, Star Wars Demolition might seem like some half-baked attempt to cash in on the Star Wars license, though it's actually a competently executed game. It's nothing that we haven't seen before in some regard, but its variations on the established theme make the experience at least somewhat different from the rest.
DreamcastCincinnati Enquirer (Jan 10, 2001)
Star Wars Demolition falls short in a few areas. For one, the graphics are quite weak, especially on the aging Sony PlayStation system. Naturally, the newer Dreamcast makes the game prettier but it's noticeably inferior to other Dreamcast titles such as Shenmue or NBA2K1. Second, the game bears close resemblance to Activision's Vigilante 8 demolition game, also developed by Santa Monica, Calif.-based Luxoflux, so seasoned players may have a sense of déjà vu here, and may quickly grow tired of the game play. At best, the game is a good weekend rental or worth a test drive if you can find it for $20 or so once it's been discounted.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Dec 19, 2000)
I've never been a fan of vehicular combat titles, and this game hasn't changed my mind. And though the license was enough to get me interested in the game, it wasn't enough to win me over. If Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 are your bag, then you might want to sample Star Wars Demolition. You'll find the action and gameplay you're used to with a Star Wars twist, which might be enough to keep you busy until the next game. Myself, I'll be awaiting Star Wars Galaxies for my next Lucas-related gaming fix.
DreamcastAll Game Guide (2000)
All in all, the game isn't destined to be a classic, but if you're a fan of either the genre or Star Wars, you'll find a very complete and competent game in Star Wars: Demolition, utilizing some favorite characters and vehicles from the movies. And, as has now become obligatory for me to mention in Star Wars game reviews, there is neither hide nor hair of Jar Jar Binks anywhere to be seen. Although given the prospect of blowing him to bits, maybe that wasn't such a great choice, after all.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Jan 09, 2001)
LucasArts blasts onto the PlayStation with another Star Wars game. Vigilante 8 meets Boba Fett in Star Wars Demolition.
55 (Dec 27, 2000)
Un jeu graphiquement assez réussi, mais qui n'apporte rien de nouveau au monde du jeu vidéo. En fait, c'est même l'exemple type du jeu superficiel qui compte sur un nom pour faire vendre. A réserver aux fans et aux collectionneurs qui ont le soucis de l'exhaustivité.
PlayStationPSM (Feb, 2001)
If you're a fan of V8 or twisted metal, then Demolition is the only place you're going to be able to get your vehicular combat kicks, at least until next Summer (when Twisted Metal Black gets released). Just don't go in expecting too much depth or innovation and you'll get a decent amount of enjoyment out of it.
DreamcastSuper Play (Sweden) (Mar, 2001)
Star Wars Demolition är trots allt Star Wars, och trots att musiken känns väldigt konstig och icke-Star Wars (den riktiga ingick kanske inte i licens-kostnaderna), och man som vän av ordning kan tycka att det är lite underligt med en Rancor på Dödsstjärnan eller en Snowspeeder på Dagobah, så finns känslan där någonstans. God hjälp får den av de animerade sekvenser som frärats varje karaktär. Dessa är faktiskt riktigt snygga oc hfår en att längta efter nästa film. Fast vi vet att den kommer att bli dålig.
DreamcastArmchair Empire, The (Jan 12, 2001)
Vehicular combat games had their moment in the sun and were a novel experience when they first came out, but now we’ve seen them all and it’s time to move on. Star Wars: Demolition just doesn’t bring anything to the genre that makes it stand out.
PlayStationMeristation (Dec 21, 2000)
Ninguno de los títulos aparecidos en el catalogo de Playstation programados por Lucas Arts ha convencido a los sectores mas exigentes de los videojuegos. ¿Conseguirá Demolition cambiar la opinión?.
40 (UK) (Jan 12, 2001)
There was a time when Lucas Arts was a name synonymous with quality game releases. The old X-Wing games, the adventures like Monkey Island. The widened commercialisation of the Star Wars phenomena though, revived by the Phantom Menace, has led to a slew of substandard games that perhaps a less financially hungry company more concerned with quality might have thought twice about issuing. Demolition in itself isn't fundamentally a bad idea, just poorly executed. Not dissimilar to The Phantom Menace itself really. In the Star Wars scale of greatness though this doesn't even come up to Episode One standards, it's lurking shamefully somewhere under the surface of Dagobah along with the legendary Holiday Special. Laughable and in no way to be taken seriously. Chuck it in the Sarlacc pit and save your cash.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Mar, 2001)
Episode One was slecht, Power Battles was nog veel slechter, maar SWD spant de kroon. Kan het nog erger George?
DreamcastVideo Games (Jul, 2001)
Wenn das der alte Yoda wüsste – da dachte ich noch, die Jedi Power Battles stellten den absoluten Tiefpunkt der Star-Wars-Merchandising-Maschinerie dar, so stelle ich nun entsetzt fest, dass es einen absoluten Tiefpunkt anscheinend nicht gibt – schlechter geht es immer. Jetzt verstehe ich auch, warum Alex, der mit Roland den Mehrspieler-Modus der PS-Version testete, auf meine Bitte, auch mir hilfreich zur Seite zu stehen, panisch das Spielezimmer verließ. Wie soll ich es nur sagen: Wenn ich mit meinem Snowspeeder durch massive Häuserblöcke fahre oder mit einem AT-ST (!) einen Hügel nicht hinunterstapfe, sondern geradeaus durch die Luft schwebe, dann hört bei mir der Spaß auf.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Feb, 2001)
Le jeu étant développé par Luxoflux, à qui l'on doit l'excellent Vigilante 8, nous avions tendance à croire que ce serait une petite merveille. Hélas ! Trois fois hélas ! C'est plutôt du genre daubique et très moche ; on a rarement vu ça. Et en plus, c'est peu jouable. Le principe reprend celui de Vigilante 8 avec les modèles de Star Wars. En nettement moins bon, bien sûr. A zapper en force !
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2001)
Blah! Star Wars deserves better than this. The same stinky game that's on Dreamcast with bad graphics – that’s like dating the annoying and ugly girl.
PlayStationVideo Games (Dec, 2000)
So einen Schrott wie Star Wars: Demolition habe ich lange nicht mehr gespielt: Eine verfahrene Steuerung, für einen PS-Titel der letzten Generation übelste Grafik, Gegner, auf die ihr minutenlang ballern müsst, bevor sie sich in ihre Einzelteile zerlegen - da reißen selbst schillernde Typen wie Boba Fett und Jabba nichts mehr raus. Dabei klingt ein Star-Wars-Fahrzeug-Deathmatch auf dem Papier gar nicht so schlecht. Doch beim Test des Mehrspieler-Modus musste ich Alex mit Gewalt daran hindern, nach einer Partie fluchtartig das Spielezimmer zu verlassen. Einsames Glanzlicht des Spiels ist die akustische Präsentation, doch für die 90 Mark kauft ihr euch besser ein paar Star-Wars-Film-Soundtracks.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic (May 18, 2005)
Being a die-hard Star Wars fan, I picked up this piece of junk without giving it a second thought. However, had I scrutinized the packaging I would have noticed this ominous warning: "From the creators of Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense". That game sucked big time, and this is basically the same repackaged crap, only with Star Wars window dressing.