Star Wars: Demolition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title screen
Traditional Star Wars crawl
Opening cinematic showing Boba Fett's Slave-1 spacecraft approaching Jabba's palace
Opening cinematic with some strange character compositing
The big crime boss himself-- Jabba the Hutt
Opening cinematic shows the demolition contestants squaring off
Main menu
Player profile
Tournament chart
Description of one of the game modes
Dreamcast controller configuration
Planet arena selection
Contestant selection
Load screen
The Tatooine arena-- marvel at the banthas and sandcrawlers
Trapped in the Sarlacc Pit
Jabba's Skiff on Tatooine
Boba Fett cruising underneath the AT-AT in the Hoth arena
The results overlay
Playing the AT-ST in the Hoth arena
Playing the snowspeeder in the Naboo arena
Arenas have these warp points
Coming out the other side of the warp point
Naboo arena
Death Star II arena
The shaft of the second Death Star serves as a warp point
There are TIE Fighters launching from the Death Star -- the rancor destroys one here
The Death Star superlaser set piece
Dagobah arena
Yoda's hut on Dagobah (the Jedi Master is not seen)
Mos Eisley arena
Yavin 4 arena
Golden rancor monster
Cloud City arena
This air lift is a basically an amusement park ride...
...that harmlessly hoists you high in the atmosphere

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Menu screen.