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    Can you design a droid with the mettle -- and metal -- to outsmart the Empire? Can your droid tread triumphantly through 29 torso-twisting missions to save the Rebel Alliance from deadly assassin droids? Open the two ton door that's threatening to crush its beryllium-bronzed bones? Or use an Automaton High Energy Power Welder to cut through 150-gauge steel?

    Build wisely and your droid should be able to cut it. So perhaps the real question is: Can you?

    (Source: between pages 13 and 14 of "Superman: Man of Tomorrow", Issue 12, Winter 1999)

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59714) on Mar 07, 2008.
    Grades 5 and Up • Ages 9 and Up

    In Star Wars® DroidWorks® challenge your students to use and apply their understanding of basic principles of physical science. Watch them design droids in a 3-D laboratory, then test their decisions in exciting missions which require knowledge of energy, forces and motion, magnetism, simple machines and light. An interactive glossary of scientific terms with real world examples is included.

    Develop Skills
    Understanding of Scientific Principles: Energy, Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Light, and Magnetism.

    Key Features
    • 87 robotic parts can be combined to create millions of unique droids.
    • Holographic design grid allows for 360 degree, 3-D viewing while constructing, painting and customizing your droids.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12783) on Mar 10, 2006.

Unknown Source:
    Rebel spies have learned that the evil Empire has built a secret droid factory somewhere on the planet Tatooine, where Imperial engineers are building an army of assassin droids. Unless they can be stopped, these dangerous machines will terrorize the galaxy. As a member of the Rebel Alliance, your mission is to build droids to infiltrate this operation and reprogram the assassin droids. Beware! There are over 25 million droid combinations. You must choose wisely.

    Designed for ages 10 and up, Star Wars® DroidWorks’ is a unique combination of construction set and adventure game that enables you to learn and apply scientific principles. Deep within the Jawa Droid Workshop on Tatooine, you must design and build droids with unique attributes to complete a series of missions. Immediately deploy your customized droids and explore texture-rich, 3D environments, which are imbedded with scientific puzzles to solve. Each mission completed brings a higher ranking and moves you one step closer to the Empire's assassin droid factory.

    Contributed by Adam Baratz (1484) on Jan 14, 2001.