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Star Wars: Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War Screenshots

Windows version

Splash Screen
Main Menu
Stormtroopers swarm a group of Rebels.
Not a cutscene. Empire at War has an in-game cinematic option.
Shield Generators must be destroyed to infiltrate a base.
Lord Vader Force Crushes a turret as AT-STs engage.
The Build screen. Planets can support varying amounts of buildings.
The Galactic Empire and mission briefing.
A fly-through the known galaxy.
Rebel sympathizers have their homes destroyed.
Imperial ships raid a Pirate Asteroid Base.
An Imperial Fleet meets Pirate fighters
The end of a pirate base.
Zoomed out view of a ground attack.
TIE Bombers devastate Geonosian Warriors.
Locational damage is illustrated by great effects.
The last moments of a Rebel Spacestation.
Ion attacks disrupt the Star Destroyers' circuitry.
The Death Star en route to Alderaan.
The droids you've been looking for.
Hutts attack a Rebel liberation force.
Whatever it is, it doesn't like the way droids taste.
Victory message after a successful Rebel mission.
Help Han free the Wookiees.
Y-wings bomb Imperial armor.
Life on Hoth.
Rebels take on Stormtroopers.
Ewoks take a reinforcement point.
Title Screen (Spanish Version)
Game Menu (Spanish Version)
At last, Mon Calamari has been conquered! (Spanish Version)