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Star Wars: Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War Screenshots

Windows version

Splash Screen
Main Menu
Stormtroopers swarm a group of Rebels.
Not a cutscene. Empire at War has an in-game cinematic option.
Shield Generators must be destroyed to infiltrate a base.
Lord Vader Force Crushes a turret as AT-STs engage.
The Build screen. Planets can support varying amounts of buildings.
The Galactic Empire and mission briefing.
A fly-through the known galaxy.
Rebel sympathizers have their homes destroyed.
Imperial ships raid a Pirate Asteroid Base.
An Imperial Fleet meets Pirate fighters
The end of a pirate base.
TIE Bombers devastate Geonosian Warriors.
Zoomed out view of a ground attack.
Locational damage is illustrated by great effects.
The last moments of a Rebel Spacestation.
Ion attacks disrupt the Star Destroyers' circuitry.
The Death Star en route to Alderaan.
The droids you've been looking for.
Hutts attack a Rebel liberation force.
Whatever it is, it doesn't like the way droids taste.
Victory message after a successful Rebel mission.
Help Han free the Wookiees.
Y-wings bomb Imperial armor.
Life on Hoth.
Rebels take on Stormtroopers.
Ewoks take a reinforcement point.
Title Screen (Spanish Version)
Game Menu (Spanish Version)
At last, Mon Calamari has been conquered! (Spanish Version)
Controlling R2D2 and C3PO
Placing your ground forces on the planet
Turbolaser towers are keeping your X-Wing support at bay
Hover tanks swarming the few Imperial walkers
X-Wing fighters are heading toward the Imperial cruiser
Space fight
Stealing enemy technology
Imperial Star Destroyer doesn't go down without a fight
Spaceship fight in the planet's orbit
Sandstorm in approaching
Bomb run against Imperial heavy ground support