Star Wars: Episode I - Racer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Racing Demo
Tatooine Track
Tatooine Finish
Ice Planet
Crossing a Bridge
Imperial City Track
In an Elevated Tunnel
Anti-Gravity Zone
Two-player Split Screen

Nintendo 64 version

Main menu
Vehicle selection
Race selection
Upgrading your ride
Race intro
Starting the race
Going through a small rock
On a rope bridge
Racing on ice

Windows version

Oh boy...
The classic introduction
Training Course - Pole Position
Scrappers Run - Cruising the Clouds
Scrappers Run - In a Tunnel
Sebula's Podracer
Fire Mountain - Outside Fire Mountain
Fire Mountain - Racing a Lava Cave
Abyss - Landing a Jump
Abyss - Upper Track
Anakin's Podracer
Racers to your pods !
Title screen.
Pick a pod. And no I will not make all the titles rhyme.
They come in here they look around, they no buy. Why nobody buy ?
The junkyard.
A pre-race cutscene.
The Boonta Eve training track.
Get ready to go !!!
Very nice lighting effects.
Racing over lake fumes. Why are they green? Am I glowing ?
Race through the tunnel !
Almost eight-hundred miles an hour !!! FEEL THE THUNDER !!!
Post race results.
Vehicle inspection. Is this a vehicle, or horse carriage with jet engines ?
Snow tunnel
What a guest...
First planet
Don't drive to quickly if you don't want to break the ice
Different cutscene for each planet
Cutscene continue for several minutes if you don't stop them
Gorgeous beach
The last levels are psychedelic