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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

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Tempting the dark side can be, yes ! Windows Emmanuel Henne (26)
More of the Same, and why that's good and bad. Windows Terrence Bosky (5235)
A less than perfect romp through the Star Wars universe tied together with a sham of a story Windows Lev Epshteyn (11)
The best simulation of awesome power yet on a PC Windows Andreas SJ (22)
Expands on the best bits of its predecessor Windows Cyberzed (43)
Great graphics, fast gameplay, mixed feelings on this one Windows bb bb (33)
The new lightsabers don't make up for the terrible plot, cutscenes and voice acting. Windows kbmb (399)
The most disappointing of the series. Windows James Kirk (159)
A great game, but it brings out the worst in people during multiplayer online Windows bowser724 (26)
Star Wars games should be more than this Windows Jester236 (39)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 4 3.6
Windows 56 3.6
Xbox 3 4.2
Combined MobyScore 63 3.7

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WindowsGame Over Online
I really like the new sabers, and being able to allocate my own force experience (even if there doesn’t seem to be any difference whether I allocate for dark or light), but the plot is hyper-thin, and the graphics are definitely starting to show a little age. The game designers have shown themselves to be very canny – applying only incremental changes to a formula that has sustained them through four titles now. It’s working. I’m still here, still playing them, still enjoying them.
WindowsJolt (UK)
A score of 91% still leaves a margin for improvement. The graphics were very nice, but occasionally glitchy, and on the whole, the game could have done with more recent graphical capabilities. The varied mission types, while welcome and mostly fun while they lasted, were still fairly basic at times. The Enemies, while looking and sounding good, were a little too cannon-foddery. Player choice is always welcome, but we could have done with more choices and with more significant consequences, and some interactive dialogue would have made things complete. Multiplayer still remains a cherry on the cake.
WindowsGame Captain
Für Fans der Jedi Knight Reihe führt eigentlich kein Weg an diesem Spiel vorbei! Spielerisch wurde noch mal ein wenig mehr aus dem bewährten Konzept herausgeholt, technisch hat sich jedoch nicht viel getan. Beinahe hat man den Eindruck, es mit einem Erweiterungsset für Jedi Knight 2 zu tun zu haben.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Selten zuvor hat es ein Actionspiel geschafft, mich selbst nach Feierabend so fest im Würgegriff vor dem Rechner zu halten – Darth Vader lässt grüßen. Vor allem die brillant inszenierten Laserschwert-Kämpfe rauben mir immer wieder den Atem. Wenn ich mit Salti und wirbelnden Säbeln durch die schicken Levels turne, fühle ich mich wie Luke persönlich. Gleichzeitig führen die Kombis aus Macht-Fähgkeiten und Spezialmanövern zu mehr Finessen als in manchem Strategiespiel. Etwas enttäuscht hat mich die Umsetzung der nicht-linearen Kampagne. Statt Menü-Aufträge abzuklappern, wäre ich viel lieber durch die Akademie geschlendert, um mir die Missionen wie in GTA 3 von bestimmten Schlüssel-Personen abzuholen. Für Star-Wars-Fans ist Jedi Knight 3 wie die Auferstehung von Darth Maul bei gleichzeitigem Ableben von Jar Jar Binks. Und für Krieg-der-Sterne-Hasser ist es schlicht eines der besten Actionspiele der letzten Jahre.
MacintoshMac Gamer
If Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was a single-player experience alone, I would think twice about recommending it too highly. True, it's a kick to develop your character in the ways of the force, but with a average storyline and basically linear progression. Raven, in their wisdom, included the multiplayer element of JK:JA, and that fact all by itself increases the value of this title greatly. If you're a fan of Star Wars, you'll probably like this title. If you're looking for something that stands out from the tired crowd of first-person shooters, Jedi Academy will treat you right. If you ever owned one of those plastic day-glo lightsabers that howled when you swiped it through the air, get this game. You'll be glad you did.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Seit vor vier Jahren Matrix in den Kinos lief, haben Action-Helden einen neuen Verbündeten: die Schwerkraft. Wer cool sein will, läuft nicht am Boden, sondern an Wand und Decke, am besten noch in Zeitlupe. Die Jedis aus Jedi Academy liegen deshalb voll im Trend: Sie rennen schneller als der Wind, springen höher als Trampolinkünstler und schwingen ihre Lichtschwerter mit einer Geschwindigkeit, die jenseits der menschlichen Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit liegt.
WindowsPC Zone
On our cover of course, we've made the controversial claim that it's the best Star Wars game ever. While this is open to debate, Jedi Academy is certainly the best Jedi game ever, and the one that makes you feel most like you're in command of that mysterious energy that binds the universe together and next to which the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant. And if being a saber-wielding Jedi is what Star Wars is all about, then this could very well be the best Star Wars game ever.
WindowsPC Action
"Nur noch den einen Level, ich schwör's! Stunden später: "Ja Schatz, ich komme gleich, muss nur noch schnell den mutierten Rancor erledigen." Bei Jedi Academy ist der Ehekrach programmiert. Ständig wollen Sie wissen, wie's weitergeht. Kein Wunder, schließlich wartet fast jede Mission mit einer Überraschung auf. Sei es in Form eines bekannten Gesichts oder eines Trips im AT-ST. Langeweile ist in Jedi Academy ein Fremdwort. Etwas schade finde ich, dass Sie selbst als Jedi mit kompletter Dunkle-Macht-Komplettpaket zum Schluss noch gut werden können und es für Geheimräume keine Belohnung gibt. Das war in Jedi Knight 1 besser und motivierender gelöst. Das ist aber auch fast alles, was ich an diesem genialen Titel zu bemängeln habe.
Overall, young and eager Jedi will surely have a blast with Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Lasers are blasting around everywhere, you wield the power of the force, and, of course, there's enough lightsaber action and Star Wars goodies in the game to keep you satisfied for a while. One thing though; since I am an expert force user and a Jedi with admirable talent (I'll pretend I didn't read this load of immature crap - 2Lions), it didn't take me too long to finish the entire game. But the rest of you rookies should spend a lot more time with the game. Seriously though (ah, an attempt at sarcasm - 2Lions), the game is lengthier than its predecessor and there are plenty of challenges along the way. Still, given the fact that Raven didn't have to work on the 3D code from scratch, I don't understand why they didn't make the single-player experience even lengthier.
WindowsPC Gamer
What started as an add-on has evolved into a strong, successful follow-up to JK II.
Raven setzt in Jedi Academy den Schwerpunkt klar auf Lichtschwertaction und macht damit auch fast alles richtig. Die Abkehr von großen leeren Levels und nervigen Hüpf- und Rätselpassagen sorgt für ein Spielerlebnis, das wir uns so schon im Vorgänger gewünscht hätten. Die packenden Lichtschwertduelle und der Machteinsatz sind das Highlight im neuen Star Wars-Actionspiel. Auch der Großteil der Missionen kann nun überzeugen, es fehlt nur eine spannende zusammenhängende Story. Außerdem hätte man mit der Entscheidung für eine Seite der Macht im Laufe des Spieles noch deutlich mehr machen können. Neben dem überragenden Sound und gelungener Mehrspielermodi enttäuscht allein die leicht antiquierte Optik des Spieles. Wer bereits den Vorgänger mochte und auf packende Lichtschwertduelle steht, kann daher bedenkenlos zugreifen.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine
Was a huge fan of the original Jedi Knight. Sure, it started off as perhaps the most painful and boring first-person shooter ever made, but I always thought that was a great point of reference for when you started to kick ass after getting a lightsaber and Force powers. It just made the rest of the game feel so much better.
Vous prenez Jedi Knight 2 et vous l'améliorez dans son gameplay, déjà considéré comme l'un des meilleurs titres Star Wars, il prend une belle ascension. Plus riche dans les duels, moins linéaire avec ses missions intermédiaires, le titre s'en sort avec les honneurs. Indispensable pour les fans, Jedi Academy nous donne l'occasion de jouer au Jedi et il y parvient avec une certaine classe. Certes quelques lacunes sont regrettables et certaines missions sont assez fades mais à n'en pas douter il y a là de quoi bien se marrer.
XboxGame Chronicles
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is probably not a full-price purchase, but once the price drops to $30 or $40 it’s definitely worth picking up. I’m not entirely happy with the direction Raven has taken with the design on this series and please let the Quake engine die a graceful death. Stop flogging us with a four-year old game engine that has had more bodywork than Demi Moore. We're already seeing much better games on the Xbox, and discriminating gamers won't have the patience for rehashed gameplay and last year's graphics the next time Jaden wants to save the galaxy..
It is not a revolutionary product--as it uses the same Quake III engine and gameplay elements as last year's well-received Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It manages to take all the fun parts from its predecessor and greatly expands them to create an engaging, new action game in its own right.
The Force is somewhat strong with this one but Jedi Academy lacks a few things that could have made this really good game an amazing one instead. The game does, however, possess all the things we love about the Star Wars franchise and interacting with this universe as a Jedi apprentice makes this a unique experience. I recommend this game for its great story, wonderfully intense battles and a killer multiplayer mode that takes the action online. If you’re a true fan of everything Star Wars, go ahead and buy this one.
Fixing the framerate should be paramount. The AI could really use some brains inside of those Storm Trooper helmets as well. Give the graphics the once-over that KOTOR proved a Star Wars themed game could handle. And a more in-depth story might better satiate nerds like myself. Altogether though you'll have a fun time with Jedi Academy. . ..and may The Force be with you.
XboxGame Over Online
On a story level, Jedi Academy won’t win any awards. It doesn’t help that a much more expansive Star Wars world was presented around the same time in Knights of the Old Republic. It lacks the depth to engross and absorb but the action will prove to be satisfying to most fans of the genre. The piece de resistance of the whole package has to go to the comprehensive multiplayer component. It gives the good but not great single player part a memorable finish. The Siege game, in particular, will keep people coming back to Jedi Academy long after they have graduated.
Im Prinzip ist Jedi Academy eine konsequente, wenn auch nicht ganz ausgereifte Fortsetzung von Jedi Outcast. Vor allem technisch wäre einfach weit mehr drin gewesen - besonders die instabile Framerate sorgt hier für Unmut. Doch auch spielerisch halten sich Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in Grenzen. Die freiere Missionsstruktur ist hinsichtlich Story und Umfang eher Fluch als Segen, Steuerung und Kamera sind für das actionreichere Gameplay nicht wirklich ausgelegt und der Einsatz von Schusswaffen ist aufgrund strohdummer Gegner und unausgewogener Waffen-Balance fast völlig überflüssig. Trotzdem macht es Spaß als Jaden Korr von vertrauten Klängen und Stimmen begleitet durchs nach wie vor stimmungsvolle Star Wars-Universum zu reisen und in abwechslungsreichen Einsätzen die durchschaubaren Machenschaften eines Sith-Kults zu durchkreuzen. Die Charakterentwicklung verläuft zwar eher plump, aber bietet dennoch genügend Motivation und Raum für Experimente.
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Til je zwaar aan dergelijke tekortkomingen, dan wacht je beter de nieuwe generatie shooters af (Half-Life 2, Far Cry, enz...). Voor de overigen, en nieuwkomers die nog geen enkele Jedi Knight titel hebben uitgeprobeerd, biedt JA de best gebalanceerde gameplay van de reeks. Always remember your focus determines your reality... Raven Software levert met deze Jedi Academy een zeer degelijk pc-spel af dat door geen enkele fan mag worden gemist.
Between the multiplayer and different character paths, you'll find plenty of replay value in Jedi Academy. Those who wished Jedi Knight II had picked up the pace earlier on in the game should particularly enjoy it. Jedi Academy is a nonstop action ride that starts out on a high point and manages to remain there for the entire game. Gameplay elements that can be tedious, like jumping puzzles, are limited, while the use of Force powers is accentuated. The game may not look great, but it translates well to the Xbox--for those who would prefer to play it on a console. It even caters to those who aren't familiar with the Star Wars universe and just want pure action. In general, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is highly recommendable.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy can be a bit too formulaic, but Star Wars fans will be able to ignore the standard gameplay of JKJA and completely get engrossed exploring and adventuring throughout the Star Wars galaxy. For the non-Star Wars aficionado, JKJA offers stimulating online modes that are reminiscent of Unreal gaming at its finest.
Multiplayer gaming is exciting and fun in Jedi Academy -- it's much better than that of Jedi Outcast. There are new multiplayer game modes, such as Siege and Power Duel, as well as the classic modes found in Jedi Outcast (Free for All, Duel, Team Free for All, and Capture the Flag). If you decide not to play online, you can go solo on your own machine by populating your miniserver with computer-controlled Bots.
WindowsG4 TV: X-Play
It's not the perfect Jedi game, but "Jedi Academy" is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous installment. "Star Wars" fans won't regret making the grade in this curriculum.
Issues aside, Jedi Academy stands out as a very solid Star Wars action title. The saber play is great fun, particularly in multiplayer, and the variety in the single-player game keeps it entertaining as well. Next time we'll hope for a new graphics engine, but for now, the Force is definitely with the Academy.
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a very decent port that suffers from a few problems. The controls are a bit unusual and take a bit of getting used to, the storyline is a bit on the dull side and the graphics are really, really dated and should be reconsidered at this point. However, the gameplay is still rock solid and the single player experience is quite fun. Add a truly entertaining multiplayer mode and Jedi Academy truly provides gamers with an experience that will last quite some time. Fans of the series will be enamored with the familiar locations and faces (those of you who like Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett, don't be offended by the fact that I said they are lame-asses... I mean, they are still lame-asses in my book, I just don't want you to be offended by my opinion) and gamers altogether will find a gameplay feel that is quite good. I just hope they drop the Quake III engine for the next installment...
XboxGamePro (US)
Though the A.I. is still on the ropes, improvements have been made to the controls?now you can map weapons and/or Force powers to face buttons, cutting down on some of the frustrating directional pad jockeying that made toggling in the middle of fights in Outcast so difficult. Star Wars geeks will dig the full-on Force battles between Chewbacca and Boba Fett in Multiplayer mode, others may tire of the game's pseudo-spiritual Light Side/Dark Side mumbo jumbo, but all will find the countless ways to slay imperial soldiers and crazed members of a Sith cult heavy. Damned heavy.
The simple version is this: if you like Star Wars and think flipping around chopping up Stormtroopers and flinging Dark Jedi off of conveniently placed precipices is fun, then this game will satisfy. Just don't expect your battles with your inner demons to be as compelling. If you're looking for a better experience, the PC version or the Xbox version of Jedi Outcast are better choices.
XboxGame Informer Magazine
A lot has changed since Jedi Knight, and I feel that time has caught up to the series and exposed some flaws. The thrills aren’t as large in Jedi Academy, but it still stands as an exciting way to step into the boots of a saber-wielding bad ass. Many of this game’s problems lie in the fundamentals. I’m not a fan of the pacing here. Since you get Force powers and a lightsaber right away, you lack the appreciation for how powerful you are, and it skews the gameplay balance. You have to get two-thirds of the way through to meet a worthy adversary. Furthermore, compared to Kyle’s journey in Jedi Knight, you never feel connected to the story. All of these faults are also exposed in the boring mission structure – including not one, but two abysmal levels. Compare Academy to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in these departments, and you fully appreciate the storytelling/pacing glue that KOTOR offers.
Jedi academy innove par rapport a son prédécesseur mais un nouveau moteur 3D et 2-3 nouveautés de plus auraientt été les bienvenus. Les fan de Starwars seront aux anges avec ce volet, les autres l'apprécieront certainement.
The second best thing about Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (JA) is that it creates the experience of being a Jedi Apprentice, letting you build your powers as you slowly figure out what style of fighting you prefer, mixing a variety of firepower and force abilities with beautiful lightsaber techniques. The very best thing about JA is that as part of the Jedi Knight game franchise, it's untainted by the Episode films.
XboxArmchair Empire, The
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy has a very solid online component with a fair single-player experience, which makes it a great buy for online gamers and Star Wars fans. Even though you’ll rip through the story, Jedi Academy still has enough fun to label it “Recommended”.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux
Als Jedi Academy iets aantoont, dan is het wel dat de engine van Quake III: Arena z'n uiterste houdbaarheidsdatum begint te naderen. Overigens geen schande voor een engine van bijna vier jaar oud. Verder is Jedi Academy een beetje een vreemde mix. Qua vechten met je lightsaber is het spel er ten opzichte van Jedi Outcast beslist op vooruit gegaan en nog steeds erg leuk om te spelen. De overige nieuwigheden komen echter minder uit de verf. In zijn geheel heeft het spel iets van een add-on, zeker omdat zoveel hetzelfde is als in Jedi Outcast. Zo is behalve de lightsaber al het schiettuig identiek aan dat uit JO, zijn ook de grondtroepen van je tegenstanders opvallend gelijk en worden een hoop modellen, zoals die van ruimteschepen gewoon opnieuw gebruikt.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
Jedi Academy is the second sequel to Jedi Knight and rapidly follows in the wake of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. And, as such, is the third installment. The speed of the game’s port, to the Macintosh platform, is indicative of the timely talent of Aspyr Studio and the insatiable appetite of Mac gamers for original and licensed product. The most pertinent question on many gamers’ minds is: will it suffer from trilogy exhaustion?
Yahou ! Le Jedi Knight nouveau est arrivé !! Tiens, mais il sort bien tôt ! Généralement, quand un jeu sort tôt, c’est pas bon signe… Alors justement, que dire de Jedi Academy ? Et bien tout d’abord, quand on voit l’évolution entre Jedi Knight 1 et Jedi Knight 2 : Outcast, puis entre Jedi Outcast et Jedi Academy, on se dit que l’évolution n’est vraiment pas proportionnelle. En effet, ne vous attendez pas à des graphismes époustouflant car ce jeu (sensé être JK 3) a des airs d’Add-on plutôt qu’autre chose et ce n’est peut-être pas pour rien que le jeu s’appelle Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy et pas Jedi Knight 3 : Jedi Academy…
As for playing this game again, its really according to what your into. If you're a big Star Wars buff you will have tons of fun with this game, and if you are not, then its at least good for a playthrough or a rental. It also has a pretty decent multiplayer and XBOX Live capabilities to keep the fun going. The thing is that its just not really a sequel as much as it an expansion pack. My final thought would be if you have the previous game, just play it some more and if you don't this one is worth a shot. I just wish George would stop flooding us with mediocrity and take a break from scheduled new releases to take some times and give us a helping of something really worthwhile.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
As it is, what they’ve created here is Jedi Lite—an easy game, totally digestible by casual fans, with tons of references to the movies’ more popular characters and locales. Is that a bad thing? Well, hardcore gamers and longtime fans of the series will most certainly be disappointed. But what are you gonna do? LucasArts went for a populist, crowdpleasing entertainment this time around. And given the painful boredom and portentousness of the recent movies (as well as the impenetrable Star Wars Galaxies), who can blame them? There are worse ways to spend your time than slicing bad guys in half with lightsabers. (Like, say, standing in line for Episode Ill.) If this is all you demand from your Star Wars games, then may the Force be with you. But given what we’ve seen BioWare do with Knights of the Old Republic, it’s clear this franchise can be so much more...
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
The harsh reality is, for all the plentiful additions, there's much work to be done before LucasArts can boast it has created the ultimate Star Wars FPS. Sure, it's the best one yet, but with some often laughable AI and creaking tech underpinning it, the flaws are there for all to see. If you enjoyed Jedi Outcast, you'll be happy, but the real hardcore FPS fans will find much fault with Jedi Academy.
WindowsSuper Play
Jedi Academy vet att väl förvalta arvet från sina föregångare och blir därmed ett omsorgsfullt producerat spel, utan större överraskningar. Fixas kontrollen till nästa episod kan man nog på allvar ta upp kampen med actiongenrens storheter.
XboxWorth Playing
In the end, the sequel in the highly popular "Jedi Knight" series is a slight disappointment. While it continues on the storyline, and brings back some familiar characters, it just fails to improve on an existing idea. All of the new ideas which were created specifically for this game just don't really cut it. They don't really make this game stand out, and will definitely contribute in making this a quickly forgotten game. If you're a fan of the series, I would suggest renting this game just so you can continue on the story. If you've never played the Jedi Knight series however, I would suggest just skipping this one. In the end, this game just isn't worth taking the trip to a galaxy far far away.
XboxVideo Game Talk
Jedi Academy based solely upon the single player modes is a great game. While only a portion of the game in its entirety, one can only imagine how exciting dueling fellow Jedi wannabes in massive online combat.
My final recommendation? Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy has excellent gameplay, graphics with both good and bad points, and average sound. The double-blade and double-saber options add some replay value to the game. If you liked Outcast, you should buy Academy, but I’d advise you to wait a few months for the price to drop. $50 is just a little too much to pay for this game, good though it may be.
For the Star Wars fan this game will prove too enticing not to get and you'll spend the next week living and breathing the universe once again- but the hardcore may trade it in after that week. To the non-believer this game is still a worthy first person shooter with a sci-fi theme.
Windows2404.org PC Gaming
It’s been quite a while since I played a Star Wars game, and I have to admit I always enjoy playing them. From what I here Jedi Academy is very similar to Jedi Outcast but I’ve never played that. Anyways, let’s get to the game. What I really liked about this games was the hours upon hours it gives you of game play, and the fact that it has both single player and multiplayer modes.. I always think less of a game if it doesn’t have a multiplayer portion included. The main reason behind that is because usually once you complete a game without multiplayer, chances are you’ll never pick up that game again and play it. I liked almost all of the missions, only needing to look at a walkthrough twice because I was stuck.
WindowsPC Gamer UK
Star Wars fans have had a rough ride of it lately. The last two movies were execrable, with the supreme bad guy turning slowly from a precocious child into Harry Enfield's whiny, foot-stomping appropriation of a teenager. Anakin? That's surely Tatooine for Kevin. But the Jedi Knight games have proved something of a saving grace, enabling you to experience the powers of the Jedi without the acne gel or the puppy love.
Voilà un portage bien mal mené. La réalisation de Jedi academy laisse vraiment à désirer, les bugs d'affichages s'étalent, les problèmes de collisions dérangent lors des sauts et un frame-rate complètement à la ramasse finit de saper le gameplay tant il peut être gênant et fatiguant. C'est regrettable car même si Jedi Academy n'offre pas de révolution, les innovations qu'il proposent sont de bonne facture. Mais là, on le réservera plutôt aux fans.
If all you're looking for are some new missions and/or multiplayer options for Jedi Knight II and don't mind the full $50 price tag, you'll find plenty to enjoy in Jedi Academy. However, if you're looking for a true sequel, you likely find yourself a bit disappointed -- it's clearly the weakest entry in the series to date, and hopefully we can look forward to the series returning to glory with its next installment.
MacintoshMac Addict
Overall, we're generally satisfied with Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy. It pulls you into a beautiful 3D world populated by dozens of characters and endless target opportunities. Plus, the replay value is high, thanks to the wide range of Force skills Jaden can learn and forms he or she can take.
WindowsJoystick (French)
Le fonds de commerce étant le même, les fans apprécieront sans aucun doute ce titre et les subtiles nouveautés qui ont été ajoutées. Malgré tout, ils risquent de se lasser des rencontres incéssantes avec des Jedi. Les autres passeront leur chemin devant ce jeu très moyen.
XboxEurogamer.net (UK)
It seems odd to come back to a game and find it much less enjoyable the second time around when it's quite obviously a decent port. But several months on we've not only played much better games, but we're even less inclined to accept the messy control system, the often dreadful AI, the questionable animation, the less than stellar visuals, the fact that following the dark side makes no real difference to the game, and the overall feeling that it's just not that exciting. It's good to see Live make the package this time around, but we're disappointed that after all these years LucasArts is still scratching around abusing the Star Wars brand in this way. There are some good ideas here that haven't been realised, and we're once again left waiting for the definitive Star Wars FPS to appear.
Ebenfalls lassen sich viele Gegner einfach in den nächsten Abgrund schubsen und durch die Machtheilung hat man auch so gut wie nie Probleme mit der Gesundheit. Die AI ist stellenweise sowieso sehr schwach und manche Gegner reagieren erst sehr spät oder stehen nur auf der Stelle. Die Grafik wäre in meinen Augen noch ausreichend, wenn die Hardwareanforderungen nicht so hoch wären. Im Mehrspielermodus wird zwar mit dem Belagerungsmodus ein interessanter neuer Spieltyp eingeführt (warum gibt es keine Bots?), doch drei Karten sind sehr wenig. Aber auch die anderen Spieltypen haben nicht viele Maps abbekommen, da hätten zumindest die aus Jedi Outcast mitgeliefert werden können. Trotz einiger guter Ansätze ist das Spiel in meinen Augen nicht das geworden, was es hätte sein können. Als AddOn wäre es klasse gewesen, aber für etwa 40€ erwarte ich mindestens eine ordentliche Einzelspielerkampagne und etwas mehr Tiefgang beim Spielen, als nur ein „Durchschnetzeln“.
Vendu comme un jeu complet, Jedi Academy déçoit. Bien sur, l'idée de pouvoir personnaliser son avatar et d'utiliser le sabre dès les premières minutes de jeu est sympathique. D'accord, il est plaisant d'enchaîner les chorégraphies de « pourfendage » lorsque l'on pénètre une zone particulièrement occupée par l'ennemi. Et oui encore, le level-design a été peaufiné. Mais (NDLR : dans ce genre de conclusion, il y a toujours un « mais »)... Le moteur graphique sérieusement viellissant et le cruel manque de nouveauté de cet opus donneront certainement à l'acheteur impatient le sentiment de s'être fait volé ses 50 euros. On aurait bien aimé voir apparaître des attaques au sabre plus abouties, voir de combos. Un peu plus de travail sur le scénario n'aurait pas non plus fait de mal plutôt que ce « vrac » de missions qui ne passionnera pas les foules.