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Windows version

Castle Vader
Jedi vs Sith
Jedi Wins
Force Lightning
I've got a bad feeling about this...
Building the perfect Jedi.
Cut scenes and cinematics use the game engine.
Each level of the story lets you select what order you will take the missions in.
Stormtroopers, the perfect way to test your lightsaber skills.
You can use blasters... but why? You have a lightsaber for crying out loud.
No trip to Tatooine would be complete without a Tusken hunt.
Core force powers (jump, push etc...) develop on a schedule but at the start of most missions, you can choose to boost your light side or dark side powers.
Dark side force powers always look much more impressive than those of the light side.
Keep your arms and legs and lightsabers inside the speeder bike at all times....
After each mission you get a breakdown of your performance.
How cliche is the FPS sniper rifle? So cliche that even Jedi Knights carry them around now.
Hidden in the multiplayer menus are the screens that teach you all of the special lightsaber combo attacks.
"Pull back the hand while it's still attached boy"