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Print advertisement - PC Player 04/1996:






    PC JOKER 1/96, 86%, JOKER HIT


    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198855) on Apr 09, 2010.

LucasArts website - Windows/PlayStation:
    The Star Wars saga continues; this time on the Sony Playstation, PC CD-Rom, or Macintosh CD. Rebel Assault II, the Hidden Empire follows in the footsteps of Rebel Assault, the award-winning best seller released in 1993.

    Featuring original, live-action Star Wars footage, Rebel II hosts a multitude of ground-breaking improvements, including intuitive and challenging arcade game play; fifteen land, sky and space missions; an original Star Wars story; full-Screen high-quality video; four skill levels from easy to hard; a digital John Williams Star Wars soundtrack; and authentic sound effects by Skywalker Sound.

    The story opens in the vicinity of the Dreighton Nebula, where Rookie One is part of a Rebel scouting patrol. He's investigating disappearances of Rebel spacecraft near Dreighton, a region rich with mythology about vanishing spacecraft. Legends of the region go back to the days when early hyperspace travelers lost their bearings and disappeared in the currents, eddies, and storms of the nebula. during the Clone Wars, two opposing combat fleets, at the height of battle, were swallowed up by the Dreighton Nebula, leaving it as the battle's only true victor. Now, pilots uneasily joke about the "ghosts" of those squadrons still roaming the nebula, eager to attack any vessel foolish enough to wander by.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Jul 26, 2004.

Summer 1996 LucasArts catalog:
    The sequel to Rebel Assault has landed at last!

    In Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire, the Empire has developed a new secret weapon. Once deployed, it could eliminate the Rebel Alliance - unless you can save the day! Live-action video, state-of-the-art graphics and customizable game levels combine with edge-of-the-seat action to deliver the most amazing computer fun you've ever encountered.

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 27, 2003.

LucasArts Company Store's Catalogue (PlayStation):
    The Empire has developed a new secret weapon. It could eliminate the Rebel Alliance--unless you can save the day as you visit unexplored regions.

    Contributed by MAT (180529) on May 30, 2001.

LucasArts Company Store Catalogue (Winter 1999/2000):
    The Empire has developed a new secret weapon. Once deployed, it could eliminate the Rebel Alliance - unless you can save the day. Visit unexplored regions, both in deep space and on new worlds.

  • Customize your combat: new game editor lets you personalize difficulty levels

  • Indulge your senses in full-screen cinematic Star Wars sequences and new live-action video

  • PC version includes Rebel Assault I

    Contributed by MAT (180529) on May 30, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    The most anticipated sequel of the decade is here. Rebel Assult II: The Hidden Empire is "as close as you can get to being in a Star Wars movie" (Multimedia World magazine). This completely original chapter in the Star Wars saga offers breakthrough technology in graphics and an entirely new storyline, resulting in the most exhilarating and interactive space combat in this or any galaxy...

    • Radically revamped Rebel Assault engine combines with cutting-edge technology and LucasArts' uncompromising gameplay.
    • All new live-action video, the first new Star Wars interactive adventure filmed in over a decade.
    • Full-screen, full-motion cinematic imagery. Your senses are immersed in the Star Wars universe.
    • 10-Channel Stereo Sound. Crystal clear SFX & music. The complete theatrical experience you'd expect from the people at LucasArts.
    • Customize combat. New game editor allows you tailor the difficulty levels.
    • New flying. Pilot X-wings, B-wings, speeder bikes and the legendary Millenium Falcon.
    • New fighting. Battle stormtroopers, TIE fighters and a Super Star-Destroyer.

    Contributed by IJan (1999) on Jan 05, 2000.