Star Wars: Rebel Assault Screenshots

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DOS version

Main Title
Main Menu
(Intro cinematic) X-Wing vs. Tie Fighters
This game uses some direct cinematic from the actual movies.
Your basic training will mostly test your ability to fly certain type of crafts.
Every time you die, you'll at least be able to enjoy in a short animation.
Your instructor for A-Wing simulation.
While in back-view, your only goal is to scratch as less walls as you can.
Shield critical won't allow you more than one more mistake. Though shield repairs in time, but very slow.
You may also be given a chance to navigate in top-down view.
This lovely girl is your squad leader, when not wearing a dress.
Flying through an asteroid belt with flipped controls and using a mouse might be nasty experience.
When attacking Imperial destroyer with a small X-Wing, it's important where you hit it.
And where would a SW game be if big mind of operations wouldn't be this ever-dark cloaked guy (subtitles in game can be activated, too, as you can see).
And of course, C3PO, and R2D2 are only those robots with such 'hard-to-remember' names that we're all familiar with.

SEGA CD version

It's Rookie One! That's YOU!
First mission: flight training. Don't hit the walls.
The system's lack of available colors really shows in this title.
Gunnery training in an overhead level.
The cutscenes manage to look better than the gameplay.
Yes, dodge.
You should have dodged.
You give a hand in the classic walker battle.
The patterned areas represent armour to shoot off.
On-foot levels control the same, but give you a shot at some stormtroopers.
All cutscenes are rendered, no matter how gangly they look.
What could this be leading up to?
Why, if it isn't the Death Star Trench (TM)!