Star Wars: Republic Commando

Star Wars: Republic Commando Screenshots

Windows version

Reviving squadmate
Placing demolition charge
Delta 40 compliments my grenade trow
A pit over confident?
Droid factory
Mission briefing
Those small scavenger droids cause interference
It's very hot in here
Energy shotgun
Scavenger droid is trying to drill through my helmet
Yes, there is a lightsaber in this game
Energy wiper
Shields glow in the dark
Taken grenade hit
You unlock extra content by advancing in the game
Wookies are huge
Patching up
Title Screen
Main Menu
Life is blurry when you are in a cloning tank
There's no cheating at Clone school!
The sniper sights sure are trippy!
Your wrist-blade is an effective, if messy, way to end a conflict
Multiplayer model selection
Say goodnight pal!
You can assign fellow troopers to concentrate on a single target when you need to take out extra-though opponents
Clones are also good at hacking as we can see