Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen
Publisher Info
The Battle of Hoth
Hey Han, where you goin'?
Fight off the TIE's in the asteroid belt.
Junkyard Train
The canyon outside Gall Spaceport
Streets of Mos Eisley
Imperial Frieghter... full of CLONES
The bad guy's palace.

Windows version

Rear view
Cockpit view
AT-ST destroied
AT-AT harpooned
AT-AT destroied
You can also be on foot in this game.
You can use your jetpack.
You can even ride a motor-floating-bike.
Oh, you can also do shooting!
Main menu
Stage one begins
Pause menu
Good Shot
Inside prison
Shooting snow-tropper
Shoot-out in hangar