Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Screenshots

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J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
Luke leads the defense.
First we have to dodge the lasers.
Press the keys in the right order to release the harpoon.
And then we'll tie him up.
Eat snow!
Mission complete!
Arriving at Dagobah - R2-D2 as enthusiastic as always!
I have to dodge this spooky flying creature.
Jumping over a geyser
Found a health pack
We found him.
Meanwhile Luke is dodging asteroids...
...and blowing up Tie Fighters.
Being overtaken by the Star Destoyer
Taking a swing over the brook
A somewhat advanced balancing act
Use the force, Luke!
Vader talking with a soon to be dead stormtrooper.
Attacking a stormtrooper
Taking cover
And then some close combat with the lightsaber
Found a part of C-3PO
Need better ventilation
Meeting Vader at last.
Fighting Vader with a, er, lifebuoy?
Things are flying my way - have to use the lightsaber to defend myself.
One last flight with the Millenium Falcon